Eternal Palace Final Cinematic

*spoiler alert

Obviously I cannot wait with lore until Azshara hits my LFR difficulty in August, so I got to see the final cinematic for the raid.

There, my prediction was correct :) During the encounter we are bound to use our accumulated azerite power exactly where Azshara wants us to use it. That sets in motion the jail consoles, and with titan blood activating it, we set N’Zoth free.

It is interesting that he does not abandon his servant, nor it was the last time we saw Azshara. Unleashed, he resurrects her immediately and drags her away into the depths.

It is also interesting that he does not try to kill us. A wise move, as he has obviously seen what we are capable of and hopes to corrupt everyone he can. People who have slain a Titan can’t be dismissed like that. To be fair, he has a history of corrupting even Deathwing, the Earth Warder, so his hopes are not in vain.

And yet the cinematic left us with more questions than answers. What N’Zoth is gonna do now that he’s free? What is Azshara’s fate? Fraternizing with another faction is awesome, but when will they make a move against Sylvanas? And where on Azeroth is Sylvanas with her “plan”? How do we heal Azeroth?

Compare to Legion. In the Nighthold we had an utmost satisfaction of chasing Gul’dan in the corner and finishing him for reals, also Illidan returned to take the matter in his hands. Tomb cinematic has hung us Argus above our heads. We got a glimpse of a destroyed planet, and we knew we will go there – besides, we sealed the Tomb demon channel. Antorus ended up with putting a sword in the planet – we knew that we will have to do something about it, also Sargeras was secured in jail, resolving a long arc.

We see nothing of the kind in Eternal Palace. Naga are not defeated – hell knows how many more are there in the depths, and Azshara is alive and well. So we were just played pawns and achieved nothing. This is almost tantalizing. Surely suspense is a great stuff, but Blizzard is currently going too far with that. So far we’re left with all questions and no answers.

Uncertainty is what’s killing me most about the expansion, otherwise I’m good with it.

8 thoughts on “Eternal Palace Final Cinematic

  1. Ty for sharing. I’ve already decided I’m not going to do LFR for this tier. I was unable to complete the last, even in groups with 5+ stacks. The thought of having to wait until August just kind of sealed the deal.


    • Why, this is an absolutely normal timetable. LFR wing 1 always opened with mythics a week after Normal/Heroic, and 2 weeks between every next wing.

      Your BfDA experience surprised me. It was one of the easiest tiers ever. From what I recall we’ve been wiping only at Opulence because some people reset it :) For all other encounters it was first pull kills in 99% cases during farm. Uldir was a lot more painful.

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      • Oh, no, I meant the two boss mini raid. Yeah, I know the schedule, and I’ve talked about it before how it seems like a slap in the face to those that run only LFR to have to wait, 9 weeks? From the opening to finish the raid. By the time we get the final group, most are done with AoTC heroic clears. I guess they do it to prevent farming for missing pieces, but it’s never been a design feature I’ve liked.


        • Yes, Crucible was tough!

          We’ve managed to win the encounters just in 2-3 pulls, and mostly it was due to my personal investment. If I were telling encounter tactics instead of typing, I would have been hoarse :)

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        • Yeah, it was frustrating. I stuck it out, wipe after wipe, I wasn’t one of those calling for a wipe because tanks were down, usually one of the last standing. Spending 30-40 minutes in Queue, over an hour on one fight, and having the group fall apart, I just walked away from it. The guild didn’t even do more than a Normal clear, and they had Heroic AoTC on all prior going back to Draenor I think.


        • Still in my experience nothing beats the infamous eredar bosses, Kil’Jaeden and Archimonde.

          With Archimonde, you just had to have at least 5 stacks to start even thinking about beating him. Kil’Jaeden was hell of a mess, and I killed him only once for an alt for quest, each time an excruciating pain. He never got better on farm – luckily his gear pieces doubled with other bosses, so I dismissed these runs with a light heart.

          Crucible is so much better. Once most people understand tactics, it’s a smooth kill. Just three major things to beat it: make sure your tanks swap correctly, handle and use the trident yourself to kill every next Guardian (but not when raid health is low), and don’t get your group killed by beams on phase one. Then it’s easy as cake.

          Boss one is even easier. Keep both at a trident spot all the fight, make sure your tanks swap at 3 stacks.

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        • Just curious if you would know the info for your server. What are your guild raiding participation numbers looking like. I’ve checked a few random ones, and mine between Uldir and the new, and I’m seeing about a 75% drop in the amount of guilds raiding. Just curious if it’s isolated or more widespread.


        • I actually don’t know :) I’m running guildless on all my toons, and it works for me just fine – nothing distracts from the game.

          I’m getting up to 3-4 invitations daily though, so people are recruiting.

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