Into the Skies!

Mechagon was super fast to level up reputation – I hit in on Saturday, and Nazjatar took a bit longer. I’ve logged out on Sunday evening with 10925/12000 – so I presumed it’s an extra day or two.

Well hey, conveniently an Ankoan emissary popped up today! It was actually a funny mood rollercoaster this morning :)

First it was “Yay, I’m flying before I have to leave for work!”

Second, I’ve rushed into the world quests, and while on my third, lazily destroying a giant worm with a hydra, I’ve looked up the fourth one… and it was jellyfish jumping! I went all: Hell noooooooooo! Sad, I’ve finished with the giant worm, and an emissary text popped up! My spirits skyrocketed again, because I’ve remembered that the fourth one was an enchanting work order which I already did!


I left the tavern and went up, up, up! No more face crawling through the naga and highborne ghosts :)


I’ve always wanted to see the hole in the sea from high above – nah, did not happen. You bump into the ceiling – Azshara won’t let you fly away from here (it also explains about the lore: you can’t deliver reinforcements by sea and/or air). But at least you can check out the shipwreck and even sit on the Horde ships:


Next spot was Mechagon: Pins waved her goat goodbye and soared the skies on a gryphon:


Mechagon is not your happy ground for flying. You need to check out for air defence – as presumed, they will hunt you if you come too close. 10 stacks, and you’re toast. To drop them, you need to land – the stacks will immediately reset.

Afterwards I’ve just made a quick tour around several major sites – for a Visit Kul Tiras/Visit Zandalar instagram (btw, where’s instagram in WoW? As long as we have selfie camera).

Proudmoore Keep




Norwington Estate




Waycrest Manor


Temple of Sethraliss


I’m not waving away flight master’s whistle – for longer distances I may still want to use it to cut 1/3 of a zone travel and use taxi for overcontinent flights. Still, mobs hunting you on the way, ravines, slopes and detours are gone, and there are so much more sights to see from the height! Also the world quest paradigm may significantly change as you will pick OTHERS due to travel issues.

Flights are a bliss – well, who would argue with that?

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