All the Small Things

Apart from the flight euphoria, there are lots of things processing in my camp.

I’ve played through the Horde’s version of the Baine storyline. It is all the same as the Alliance’s one, except for briefings. As always, you may choose to inform Nathanos about your trip in advance, or skip it. Even if Schlitzchen considers Thrall her mentor (according to my character lore, he was the one who set her on her shamanistic ways during the Kezan flight), I talked to Nathanos to see what he’s doing after the shipwreck. Nathanos has no camp, he’s just pressed against a random cliff in the middle of Nazjatar. He thanks us and tells to play along.

Interesting enough, during your fortress journey you must talk to a dark ranger and duel her for a skill test before battles to come, while Thrall and Saurfang sneak past them. After you defeat her, you are then bound to whisper her about traitor infiltration. So it’s the player which picks Sylvanas’ side who sets the final trap in motion.

From now on, only Melaris the Demon Hunter will choose the Sylvanas/Nathanos options in the upcoming war campaign quests. She has no principles, no reflections of good and bad, she follows the current lead for now (and she will dismiss Sylvanas with a shrug after revolution). My goblins are good-hearted and definitely don’t want to kneel before an unstable warchief, while both mag’har are all about honor.

Upon reaching 6000 rep with your followers (it’s in a quest), you are let into the third and final Nazjatar storyline chapter. You seek for a Javelin of Suramar – a spear which will break the Tidestone shield. The questline was pretty easy, the spear was in possession of a random Azshara’s general. But yet again, Azshara had no intention to hide it – she wants us in the palace.

It is interesting how Horde and Alliance bump into each other on the way to the palace. They come to common terms almost in an instant and fight together to the entrance. No really, only Sylvanas wants this war :)

After dispatching the Tidestone Guardian (she’ll be the first Palace boss, am I right?) Thalyssra and Jaina join their might over Tidestone and break the barrier into the depths and into the palace. This earns you a lore achievement and an extra much appreciated flight point in the north by the raid entrance. Also there’s a final quest – kill Azshara in the raid. I’m doing it in August.

Revered is a huge step, and yet it’s exactly the equator. Friendly+Honored+Revered make it 3000+6000+12000 = 21000, so same path has to be walked through towards Exalted. I think I will eventually hit both factions on all alts – we have all the time for that.

In Nazjatar I’m crossing out the yellow/introduction quests on alts, and have already started doing some world quests with them. Frankly there’s not much time for that – reputations are a patch-long project.

I really need to gear up my alts. As Micromantica swooshes away the chitterspine crab or naga parties of five, the mail-clad Jagda Shaman just keeps dying to ridiculous groups of two-three.

On Mechagon front I’m 3 quests (3 days) away from building a Mechanospider :) That should be fun! All in all I’m accumulating achievement requirements naturally so far, it’s not the time to get picky. We’ll see into it after Exalted.

Apparently there’s no Mechagon emissary? I’m seeing the second Waveblade Ankoan, and it means that the rotation cycle is complete.

The best way to camp Rustfeather is without joining a group. This way the loot won’t be shared.

If you have an option to tinker a time-travel item, go for it! It’s a couple more quests daily even without Chromie.

The one thing I completely forgot about is that now you can transmog everything but pants to be invisible! I welcome this change at large. For me the items that we must lose are hands and wrists. Way too often I’ve picked the most revealing options – opened palms are much required.

Well, this was Gnomecore’s news so far :) Stay tuned!

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