Murloc Trading Game

A new day brings new wonders :)

It’s hard to miss this murloc with a quest – it’s located right in one of the central straight roads connecting east to west:


His quest is a simple escort: you can mount up and just ride at full speed to your home base.

After that, the murloc settles by the announcement board in the middle of the settlement, and brings four friends with him. Three are also stationary, and the fourth runs in circles around the area. Another quest that they have is purchasing an item from each of them (so you learn where they are), giving them to first murloc, and this is it. This is it? Wrong!

Here comes the trading murloc game!

This is how it works.

On a daily basis the first murloc will have a different valuable item of purple quality.

All other murlocs have four murloc-related goods to purchase: of white, green, blue and purple quality.

Whites you can buy for small gold, greens you buy with whites, blues you buy with greens, and purples you buy with blues – you get the idea.

The trick is: you buy whites from one murloc, but purchase greens with them from another. Say, you purchase whites from the 1st, go to the 2nd to buy greens, then go to the 3rd to buy blues, then go to the 4th to make a purple purchase. The major murloc will require 3 different blue items for an ultimate reward. So, this it the trade, and the whole game is about a little math and mix/match :)

Tip on the game: you can’t stock the items – the duration is just 1 day, so they will disappear tomorrow. So don’t buy too many – you just need the exact amount to perform current purchase.

My small game yesterday has brought me a bag of goods with some value: I believe it was some manapearls or something like that.

Alright, now when we get the idea, let’s throw in some point of interest. A certain benthic cape – it has “Azshari” something in its name and it says about murlocs in the description – will allow you to see not one, but TWO possible purple purchases from the major murloc every day. And one of those hidden items maybe a red seahorse mount! Which also goes into Nazjatar meta-achievement.

My plan from now on: spending all manapearls on benthic capes until I get this secret one. Another fun thing to do in Nazjatar :)

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