Our First 8.2. Reset: Nazjatar Fixes & Weeklies

It’s Wednesday reset in EU realms, and I’m here to remind you what might be done in addition to daily routines. It’s not actually much, but it helps!

1. You can go and use your chums, leafs and brinestone picks to summon the rare creatures again – remember the quests of What Can You Mine? name-type? I don’t actually recall their awards, but I’ll go check that myself in the evening.

2. You can return to Mardivas’ lab and put in use one of your lab-associated collected items. Now this I know! Defeating a summoned elemental (easily soloed on any class if you remember about interrupts) will grant you 500 rep on completion!

Maybe there’s also a PvP weekly quest, but I’m not sure as I don’t do them.

Blizzard has implemented a batch of life improvements upon reset. Most notably, you can now see the areas for Requisition quest items on the map, and also spots for naga elites. I laughed so hard at people whining about this! Are you sure you still want Vanilla? The quick fix made it modern-WoW, which is very much appreciated.

Another fix is significantly reducing the number of creatures killed and items collected per quest. See, it’s not all about playing hours. The quests were indisputably too long to complete, so this is a sheer reduction of completion time in favor of players.

Blizzard had some hotfixes during the week concerning “rares“, but I have dropped the quest nevertheless. It’s just 50 rep anyways. Rares take too long to respawn, and even if you have to kill one of them now, you could effectively spend half an hour hunting. Almost impossible to spot one when the all other players are on this quest too. I think a respawn time fix will be welcome.

All in all, I’m on my journey. Today’s endeavours will bring me to ~4500/4500 Honored in both Nazjatar and Mechagon, so it’s just 7500 to go! So the first week was 3000+6000+4500 = 13500 reputation – almost twice of the now-required amount. Flights by the next reset? I’d welcome this very much!

My lazy alt goal in spare time is opening world quests and completing yellow ones in Nazjatar. Also I may want to open Mechagon for all of them – just in case, and so that the quest stopped bothering me in my quest log.

4 thoughts on “Our First 8.2. Reset: Nazjatar Fixes & Weeklies

  1. Good news indeed. The reduced amounts required will make it less time consuming. We were having a rough time. I realize a lot of it was due to sharding issues, but still, it gets frustrating seeing the sparkling starfish on the ground 10 feet from you, only to watch it disappear any time you move towards it. Or worse fighting your way to something only to have some Demon Hunter swoop in an take it.

    Glad you are having success and will have your flying soon.


    • I haven’t experienced disappearing issues not even once, but it’s quite possible that others did.

      Item hunting can be fun, it adds up to excitement. I don’t hesitate to blink in if I see someone approaching a piece of flotsam or whatever. Sometimes it literally feels like our hands bump ) And if I don’t make it, well, it was a fair play :) Of course they could have made it Mechagon-chest (ore/herb node) style – looted by many, but disappearing soon enough after first loot. But I don’t actually experience a drastic lack of the items to perform smth. like that.

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      • I like to think I’m pretty good navigating, using the whistle to get to an area quicker and have never shied away from riding through an area filled with mobs to get to the other side. Even so, it’s taking the two of us 2-3 hours to complete Naz, we only managed one day over in Mechagon. Might just be the time of day we play.


        • Many people on quests are both a bliss and a curse. It’s easier to kill fat elites with many people around, or grind x15-25 mobs – you may well forget about any defence and just nuke. Gathering quests are better put off for the unpopular hours. For example, if I do them in the morning around 8 a.m. when I wake up, there’s no one around. Players are sleeping, went to work or already did them yesterday :) So I just scoop them without any legwork in a couple of minutes.

          Normally it takes me a couple of hours or a bit more to clear both zones from dailies.

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