Boss Events in Nazjatar and Mechagon

You’ve probably noticed the violet skulls on the map while questing in Nazjatar. These are the boss events which arrive throughout the map.

I’ve located a bunch of 6-7 popping up at once in different places. Unlike Broken Shore’s green skulls, they come with an escort. Unlike quest bosses, they exist only until they are killed, so you’ve gotta be quick! My best chance was managing to get 2 of them before they were all wiped out by players.

One of the precious drops from participating in the event was a token which will give you 150 (250?) rep with Waveblades – I’m not sure if it drops every time, because Micromantica got it, and Gorgul did not. Still worth hunting for.

Mechagon has these Drill Rig events. During the event there are frequent announcements in chat that Drill Rig #XX-XX has started drilling, and you better have a map to get there quick :) Here’s the map:


You have a minute of travel before a drill rig makes it through the cave wall, and a boss is there. I’ve seen several, and they’re not exactly Mechagonish – for example, I’ve spotted a boar and an elemental.

The drops though are Mechagon-related, like engineering schemes for Pascal. And of course they all go into achievements.

It is extremely fun to hunt them all, and I can’t wait to get flights which will make it even more exciting :)


I can safely tell that the initiate confusion is thinning every next day, putting me on the rails. And yet there’s so much more to explore.

2 thoughts on “Boss Events in Nazjatar and Mechagon

    • The key is tracking the chat and going for it immediately after the event starts. It’s not like they will wait for you to kill 2 more troggs, 3 more naga and figure out how to get there. We should immediately get to the flight point and then it’s a 10/20-sec short travel.

      I’ve got credit for one of the bosses (and loot to my bags) before I even touched it. I already saw it, but I needed to close up a dozen of yards for an instacast, and they killed it in my eyes. I wonder if I just have to be in this area, or is it a bug?

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