Rise of Azshara: Setting Up My Routines

Alors, now that I learned my ways through the new zones, I can set up my daily routines.

Effectively both Nazjatar and Mechagon are providing the session type of gameplay. However strong your desire to advance through reps may be, it’s limited to a mixed set of dailies and world quests.

Nazjatar offers about 8-10 quests per day, with 50-75 rep awards, three of them are your follower’s quests which will level him up.

Mechagon offers one big advance of a single 850 rep world quest daily. Also there are island guest dailies plus a bunch of construction/collection errands from the local population.

It will take roughly 1,5 hours to complete them all and be done for a day. Current natural shackles are the rival faction tagging your mobs, still learning the travel paths (and absense of flight), the need to discover the mob areas (needs exploration), and the respawn rate which might be tweaked in the coming weeks.

Respawn is tricky nowadays. Yesterday’s bounty was hunting the coral ancients, and it took me forever, even if I know 3 good spots for farming. Today’s bounty was hydras, and two-three people didn’t even have to mount or even managed to loot the previous ones, as new ones constantly respawned, and we just AoEd them – 3 minutes, check. I suppose it will be adjusted.

So, the obligatory daily stuff for me is:

1. Completing all quests in Nazjatar with Micromantica (except for pet fights and jellyfish, even if they tried to fix the latter).

2. Completing all quests in Mechagon with Pins (except for pet fights).

The session type of gameplay, although leaving these toons with “nothing to do” upon completion, will effectively fit my daily schedule – even on the “busy” days when I have not so much time to play. This is perfect, as I will get my flights by the LFR time.

When we look at the achievements, they are more of accumulative nature. There is no rush – as we live in Nazjatar/Mechagon and revisit them on daily basis, most of the requirements will eventually come naturally. It is too early to get picky. As with the raid transmog collections upon raid opening, practically everything you do every day is new and goes into the counter.

Speaking of transmogs – I’ve already collected the cloth benthic set, but as far as I’ve figured out, there is one more recolor which comes from 266-ilvl drops (plus weapons).

Considering alts, there’s no rush. On weekend I’ve led them all through the naval crash scenario, completed Magni’s essence quest and stationed them in Newhome/Mezzamere respectively. When I have time from the main rep toons, I’ll lazily switch to whatever alt I feel like playing tonight. I need them to collect the gear drops and benthics as well – but considering ilvl they’re already prepared for raid. Anyways, I have all the time in the world to get them on the same page as my flagships.

Mechagon will be limited to Pins, period. I’ve seen the Horde’s introduction, and this is gonna be it. Currently I see absolutely no need to get all the toons there.

I’m barely a sneeze under Honored with both new factions, and today’s Ankoan emissary will advance me greatly. The flights are coming in no time.

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