Rise of Azshara: Day Three – Ashvane & Baine

Upon reaching 3k into Friendly (I hope I got that right) we’re eligible for the next bit of story.

*spoiler alert

The complete Nazjatar quest achievement consists just of three parts, so here comes the second one (a bit too early?). I won’t spoil this much, I’d just say we deal with Lady Ashvane and her supervision of azerite weapon production.

Once we’ve advanced through it, we can accept the next quest of the War Campaign. Anduin summons Jaina and the hero to Stormwind Keep, and the goal is to save Baine from the upcoming execution. 

Jaina, Mathias Shaw and the hero teleport in the heart of Orgrimmar – the former underground Garrosh’ fortress. We destroy several mechas and goblin inventors/pilots, and fight an ultimate mecha – One-Thirty-Three-Seven. Of course the name must mean something, and it does: transcribed with numbers, it reads 1337 – you may google “leet speak” :)

Goblin part done, we bump into Saurfang and Thrall, which have come obviously for the same cause. There’s almost no hesitation to join forces, and we continue together – fighting an orc beast master that summons packs of wolves, then we proceed against undead guards and dark rangers.

When we arrive to Baine’s room, he’s chained with magic resistant locks, and Shaw tries to pick them while the rest of us are ambushed by a couple of dark rangers and a Sunreaver fire mage. He is fiercely determined to avenge Jaina for Dalaran’s purge back in MoP, and also make her see her friends die.

I must say that the whole scenario was unforgivingly brutal towards a frost mage. Maybe it’s better with other classes, but I died, and died, and died. It’s merely a flesh wound of course, as I can rez immediately and join the fight again after a small run, but it repeats again and again.

Thrall, Jaina, Shaw and Saurfang are fighting well and can defeat them all without your assistance, but God forbid you rip an aggro – which is more than easy. You can’t block or avoid the bosses’ attacks, so Ice Barrier or not, they will burn through your health in a matter of 20-30 seconds. Packs of mobs – of Nazjatar-type firepower and health – don’t help either. I found myself depleted of all defensive and offensive cooldowns every time, and spent more time frantically trying to avoid being hit than casting. Is the hero supposed to fight just mooks, not bosses?

I’ve issued a bill to the Royal Stormwind Treasury for this adventure – my gear went all yellow, my pants even went red, and they owe me 530 gold worth of repair value.

Anyways, we defeat the fire mage and his associates, free Baine, and get teleported by Jaina to outskirts of Thunder Bluff. We are rewarded by the most touching cinematic (it was really amazing). The revolution is imminent – I hope we shall see more of that during this patch. In the quest log the War Campaign’s text reads that it will continue after we complete a certain quest.


On more mundane matters, I’ve completed the Horde’s introduction to Nazjatar. Nathanos states that the Dark Lady has a “plan”, and we’re gonna be a part of it, so we board the few ships remaining from Zandalari and Horde’s fleets and go into the sea yonder. After the very same crash, Nathanos waves us away to proceed with Lor’themar and Thalyssra, while he himself stays in the crash spot and pays no attention to us, checking out his map. The introduction repeats the Alliance’s experience step by step, only few faces change. It is interesting to be reminded that both Lor’themar and Thalyssra (and Oculeth) are not exactly strangers to this land: it was the heart of their elven empire back before the Shattering. I’m eager to travel with them to learn about feedbacks!

The obvious change to the routine is also the homebase and the allied faction. Yes, now I definitely want gilbins to be the Horde’s allied race! They have an amazing customization – borrowing the diverse face/nose options from goblins, but sporting the fins instead of ears and every skin color possible.

I’ve just landed at the homebase (Newhome) and called it a day for now. It differs from the Alliance’s one: the Alliance is based under open skies highground spot of elven ruins, while the Horde resides in a dark cave. Yet it has an awesome warm bonfire in the middle. It feels quite cozy, so I can’t really tell which of them I like better. They just fit the factions so good – a more savage shelter for the Horde – and at least something to do with masonry for the Alliance.


Hell, no!

I’ve detected several world quests that I’m not going to do, not even when I need them to approach flying faster.

There was a jellyfish-jumping arcade – fuck it.

There was a boss pet fight world quest. I’d defeat it, but it heals to full after each of my own pets dies. WTF?

Most of the chest puzzle chests are ok, but after spending 15 minutes trying to collect 5 yellow runes in a row made me quit. Guys, I’m playing Cradle of Empires on my phone, an amazing and a quite hard match-3 game, and even there they don’t require such a ridiculously complex stuff. Collecting 19 runes of one color is sensible.

My follower has issued a quest of something, something drunk murlocs – king Mrgl-Mrgl involved. It is located in the walls of the water surrounding the zone, so I can’t figure out how to get there. I’ve explored the place all over – the murloc village – and found two caves holding other objects and creatures. Maybe it should be approached from the lower part tunnels or something?


I’ve logged out with 1700/6000 for Mechagon and 3300/6000 for Nazjatar. Way to go!

5 thoughts on “Rise of Azshara: Day Three – Ashvane & Baine

  1. King Mrrgl is located in the cave with submerged entrance. When you arrive to the point where you can see his location on minimap, look for nearby water body, dive and look for the underwater passage.

    Jellyfish-jumping quest can be completed if you know how it works. In short, you need to turn in the air so that when you land on the jellyfish, you are already facing the next jellyfish (it must be in the central part of the screen), and at the last jellyfish you need to face the bubble with the prisoner. Of course this quest needs practice. I hope we’ll be able to just fly through the bubble on flying mounts later.

    Nazjatar “boss” pet battles are a bit like Argus ones, they can’t be defeated with random pets. You evidently are not familiar with pet skills: there is a one very common beast skill Devour, and one less common skill Bloody Fang that both heal pet when it deal the killing blow by these skills. This type of skills can be negated by using undead family pets, as they are never killed by opponent (they die, rise for one round due to family feature and die again not from the damage but due to the same family feature).


    • 1. Thanks for the tip!

      2. Still not doing it until flights :) I’ve figured out how to do it, but I hate arcades in my MMO – to the point of still occasionally falling in the water at the Blackfathom Deeps beginning, and that’s relatively simple.

      3. Thanks! Yes, I’m not a fan of pet battles – it always stopped being interesting when it becomes serious business, so I’m limited to zone collections now in this aspect.


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