Rise of Azshara: First Hours into Patch 8.2.

*spoiler alert


I haven’t seen the Horde’s lead-in and cinematic yet, and entered Nazjatar with Micromantica. The cinematic was pretty nice. The Alliance’s overwhelming fleet is chasing the Horde in the hope to finish Nathanos and the useless war. Azshara disrupted the naval chase for both Alliance and Horde by using THE Tidestone, and we’ve crushed into the new bulk of land.

Not uncommon, in a hostile land we try to survive and bump into the new allies. Ankoan Waveblades (cool name btw) appeared to be a branch of jinyu which left Pandaria long ago. Their voices are quite young, not elderly like we used to back in MoP – and it makes them much more pleasant to deal with. I hope they’re not our allied race though, because it’s hard to distinguish their customization.

Lady Ashvane commands an army of naga on our way to safety, and they shoot us with azerite cannonballs. Too bad we’ve got absolutely no explanation about how she got there – especially considering that she was taken away by Sylvanas.

On our way we also meet Queen Azshara as a hologram. She is powerful enough to block Jaina’s teleportation – just imagine her power, considering Jaina is the most powerful sorceress alive! Azshara makes it clear that she welcomes us into her realm, and Jaina acknowledges we survive only due to her mercy.

In our new homebase we get a number of introduction quests. As always, the questlines get us acquainted with Nazjatar’s activities and what to do. Benthic gear, followers, manapearls are the most notable things. Jaina’s magic, hero’s necklace and old night elven leylines help to establish a portal to Boralus, but it’s clear that the thing is not our survival from now on – it’s dealing with Azshara.

Once the portal is set, we get a call to Magni in Silithus. MOTHER has calculated the means to heal Azeroth, and for that we need to seek essences and amplify our necklace. The introduction first essence quest takes us to Highmountain for the scale of black dragon in Neltharion’s Lair. Once acquired, we get back to Heart Chamber and get to know how to use the forge. I don’t know whether it’s different for classes and specs, but my mage has got an extra insta-nuking spell button with a 30-sec cooldown.

Also a gnome arrives with a missive to Mechagon, but I put that aside yet. The first goal is to learn my ways around Nazjatar.

What Have I Learned So Far?

1. I’m weak again! The monsters are way more dangerous than the ones at Kul Tiras and Zandalar, and significantly fatter. While the average rare mob is ca 300-400k back in the mainland, here it is around 800k to burn through. Invincibility is also gone: back in Kul Tiras they barely chipped my mage, now it’s a full-scale dangerous environment, quite ready to kill you. Remember how to play your class and your abilities! It’s a good thing :)

2. Suddenly I’m not against followers :) You can pick one out of three to come along and level him up. I’m not sure what dps contribution exactly does he make into the fight, or whether occasional heals are his perk, but anyways having a company in a dangerous place helps.

3. Terrains are both nice and not. My worst fears are now gone. Nazjatar has these Mac’Aree-like pieces in higher grounds, with almost the same color scheme and the aura of ancient, ruined civilization, while the deeper places are dark sea caves and ravines. It totally delivers this sea bottom theme, and at the same time it’s pleasant to be at. The music contributes at large, and I could listen to soundtrack forever.

The bad thing are navigation and slopes: too often I found myself on a cliff with a certain-death fall to the target area down below. Only feather spell helped me not to die too often. I think it is cured through repetition and exploration: once you know your ways around, it won’t be that bad. You should remember that Blizzard is perfect with their path designs: if you think you need to climb with effort or fall to a certain death, you just didn’t find a convenient way around yet. Keep looking! Also it’ll be a piece of cake with flights.

4. Keep you eyes peeled! I think no zone before has held so many secrets and things to explore. Hidden treasures are a thing. A sudden quest drop from a random mob is a thing – one of them brought me 500 rep on completion! A toy drop is a thing – a random mob dropped me a toy which allows to equip a naga weapon :)

Beside the world quests, there are many, many quests scattered across Nazjatar – for example, I bumped into Collector Kojo who sent me on an errand. There are “world bosses” – marked with a violet skull on the map and sporting 4000k health, with rewards unknown (yet). Maybe they’re an analogue of green skulls in Broken Shore – I’m not sure what’s their event timer is, but you have to collect a group manually to kill them.

In short, the landscape urges you to explore, and it’s cool.

5. Flights and travel. The continent is not that big, and sports 4 flying checkpoints which I already opened. For reasons unknown, flight master’s whistle doesn’t work. Does anyone know its requirements? Maybe it’s upgraded at Friendly or whatever? Anyways, it is safe to keep your hearthstone either in Boralus or Great Seal – the portal to Nazjatar is located in the portal room, and it takes you to its homebase.

6. Manapearls. I’ve yet to learn its daily income, but I have got 26 so far. Exalted mount costs 250, also they’re used for a couple of toys and improvement of Benthic gear.

7. Reputation. I’ve logged out at 1950/3000, and more quests arrived, plus there will storyline quests which are now gated. Yes, I think it’s gonna be 2-3 weeks.

8. Enemies. No, naga don’t seem an old story and it’s actually amazing to have them as enemies. Wildlife is diverse and fun. Does it have something to do with that in the mainland they felt like an eyesore, and here they are at home? So that they now feel perfectly fit the landscape.


Minor conclusion: I’m amazed by Nazjatar. It feels so great already, and there’s so much more to learn and explore.

My evening will be devoted to clearing the quest logs to nil, and only then I’m ready to try Mechagon and Horde’s version.

We’ll continue tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Rise of Azshara: First Hours into Patch 8.2.

  1. Glad to see that mechagon appears to open up almost immediately. I had feared it was time gated. I think I will resub soon and get in my gnome fill!


  2. Whistle upgrade is a quest reward. Open zone map and you’ll see several exclamation marks at various places. The mark at Zin-Azshari is the quest that you need.


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