We’re Prepared


It’s funny how professions are supposed to earn you money, and in my case they’re always a money sink :)

The Alliance was closer to level cap, so it wasn’t that bad. The Horde toons though have depleted their gold vaults to feeble 5k or something per toon, buying mats to level at auction house :) Way to go!

I haven’t leveled Gorgul’s Blacksmithing, because ultimate recipes need Expulsom in huge amounts – that will come later. Jagda lacks some points in Mining, and that’s not a big deal, as I’ll be collecting nodes in Nazjatar and Mechagon anyways. Kargash simply has no gold for her Enchanting – but oh well, even Micromantica took a great effort and a great deal of time to level it to cap. Cooking is solved for all toons.

I’m happy with my azerite necklaces. The required next upgrade level is 45, and we’re above that. At the same time, neither toon has reached 50 and had their current azerite income go into dumpster.

Item levels are good. With 380 requirements for Nazjatar raid LFR, I’m already there, and will most probably gain an upgrade during campaigns and world quests.

Whatever Tools of Trade are left, I can deal with. Gorgul has obviously has not got his hammer, because he’s not 150 in Blacksmithing yet. Kargash’ and Micromantica’s Enchantment rods and Jagda’s Jewellery lens require tedious solo dungeon farming or even more tedious open world farming, so this may well live until next expansion.

I’ve given myself liberty to check “+” for Kargash’ Tailoring, Myrki’s Inscription and Melaris’ Alchemy. There’s nothing too complex about that, they’re way into questlines, and only several dungeon runs they lack to get the Tool. Can do that in spare time when I feel like doing any group content.

If I have time today after my IRL dance class, I’m queueing into dungeons for the said Tools. Otherwise, we’re on standby until tomorrow and 100% ready for Nazjatar.

3 thoughts on “We’re Prepared

    • Lindy & charleston. I’m into Prohibition era for the last year :) It is also a fun replacement to any sports which I desperately need due to my computer at home, computer at work lifestyle. Seriously, I quit every sport due to repetitiveness after a couple of weeks, but dance is creative and brings something new with every class.

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      • Very cool, I’ve been into that period too — Because of the new Clara Bow movie star, women began wearing make up, the flapper dress led them to shave their arm pits for the first time in history, The bra replaced almost 300 years of the corset — imagine all that new freedom! It was a great time for swing — now I want to take some dance classes too.


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