Paragon Toys and Pets in BfA: Are They Worth It?..

Today I’ve decided to scroll through Paragon chest drops, and I’ve discovered that I may actually want the things they offer. Let’s scroll together and see:

Champions of Azeroth Supplies
Azerite Firework Launcher – toy. Not really, no.

Tortollan Seekers Supplies
Bowl of Glowing Pufferfish – toy. Some shining bowl on the floor? Meh.
Kojo’s Master Matching Set – toy. It’s an enhanced version of the matching puzzle! A good thing.

Proudmoore Admiralty Supplies
Proudmoore Music Box – place a music box with Proudmoore crest. I wonder what tune does it play.
Albatross Feather – albatross pet. Check. 

Order of Embers Supplies
Cobalt Raven Hatchling – raven pet. Check.
Bewitching Tea Set – toy. This one’s cool, I’d love to host a creepy Alice teaparty!

Storm’s Wake Supplies
Violet Abyssal Eel – eel pet. Meh.

7th Legion Supplies
Rallying War Banner – toy. this will set a banner and rally nearby troops. I’m intrigued about the rallying part. How does it look?

Honorbound Supplies
Rallying War Banner – same.

Zandalari Empire Supplies
Warbeast Kraal Dinner Bell – toy. This is a thing for raid trolling – you can summon small dinos to eat your fallen ally :) Check.

Talanji’s Expedition Supplies
Pair of Tiny Bat Wings – bat pet. Meh.
For da Blood God! – toy. Turns you into a blood troll for 15 minutes. Meh.

Voldunai Supplies
Goldtusk Inn Breakfast Buffet – toy. It will serve a dinner hobo-style (the Goldtusk inn questline in the middle of Vol’dun)
Words of Akunda – toy. Accept Akunda’s gift. Apparently some lighting animation – meh.
Meerah’s Jukebox – toy. This will play Meerah’s greatest hit. Dolly & Dot on demand? Yes, please!

So, the list is really big and actually great. I may want to hunt the certain items during the next lull :)

5 thoughts on “Paragon Toys and Pets in BfA: Are They Worth It?..

  1. The Pufferfish Bowl has been a raid favorite for a while.
    You can collect and carry three different colors of fish and throw them at your mates. They then glow in that color and it is also reflected into the room, so the area gets brighter and brighter with more players pufferfished. We like it.
    Thanks for the comprehensive overview, I’ve now marked a few to dream for!

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  2. I just wanted to add that Kojo’s Master Matching Set hasn’t been implemented yet. Proudmoore Music Box plays Daughter of the Sea.
    Wish you luck on getting what you want :)


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