The only vital question today is: will the patch drop in EU region tomorrow, or on Wednesday morning? This is due to several hours difference between EU and America regions.

History tells us different things. Raids have always started later – this is why Limit has a headway start compared to Method, for example. Also world boss/weekly quests/weekly events always reset on Wednesday in Europe.

On the other hand, I can recall logging in at least several times in Legion where I was able to complete the new storyline scenarios and quests on Tuesday mornings. Can’t remember exactly how that happened during BfA.

I’m in need to plan my gaming evening or two before patch, and I’m in a confused situation of what to do.

On the one hand, there are emissaries to clear. Then yet again, in patch 8.2. the azerite rewards will be better, and they would also probably boost the speed of gaining AP. My June was pretty much emissary-grindy, so it’s also grown a bit dull.

On the other hand, there are new toons to level, but what can I do in the evening or two? 5-10 levels? After patch I won’t have time for them at all, and they’ll be put away until the next lull.

Maybe I need to backdown. It’s gonna be a loose ends evening.

  • I need to get used to ignoring the emissaries except for Rustbolt/Nazjatar.
  • I need to wrap up leveling Cooking/both main professions on all toons.
  • I need to acquire Tools of Trade – at least Myrki has just got her Inscription lead in.
  • I have only Vol’dun rares to kill for Adventurer of all zones achievements.
  • Maybe I could progress with Fishing to 150 with Micromantica, bonus points for Midnight Salmons and a ray mount from the Kul Tiran seas?

It is settled then. Maximum relaxation before patch. A Day of Silence, as they call pre-election days. No rush: I’m all set and ready. We’re good to go :)

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