My New Transmog Source

It is no secret that an ethereal in BfA capitals is trading mythic azerite items for Titan Residium which you get from disenchanting/scrapping azerite armor. I had no use for that previously, but not anymore.

For quite realistic 165 residiums you can get a token of choice – shoulders, helmet, or chestpiece – and acquire a 385 item upon use (equal to Mythic 4).

I’ve surpassed the 385 azerite armor already, so I’m interested in transmog potential these items carry. In ethereal’s vendor table you can also see the certain items for over 1500 residiums. Scroll over, and you’ll see which models you miss. Then purchase a 165 residium token, and use it in hope that it’s the model you miss. It’s the same as 1500+ residium one.

It’s 2-3 options per piece / armor class: for example, you can get two different chestpieces for a plate armor toon – in Kul Tiran and in Zandalari style. The only tricky thing is RNG: you may only hope that a token turns into the model you’re missing. But as it’s 1 out of 3, or 1 out of 2, the chances are pretty high.

Also once you turn a token into an armor piece, you can immediately scrap/disenchant it for a guaranteed 35 residium refund.

I’ve no other use for these residiums, nor for the azerite items I earn during emissaries, so this is my new game of chance :) I’ve already won ca 10 transmogs I didn’t have, including the coolest red vest for rogues!

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