• Zandalari Shadow Priest Zindari = 32
  • Kul Tiran Restoration Druid Backston = 42
  • Dwarf Protection Paladin Kaldrax = 26

But the post is actually not about the levels.

When I was running a dungeon with Kaldrax in the morning, I’ve got a pat on the head from a fellow player. A mage which was in our group told me “Great tanking!”


I feel like it was actually deserved. With paladin tanking I feel like fish in the water, juggling mobs, collecting and leading them right where I want them to be, keeping up a good pace, but never forgetting about my teammates. Swift, but responsible: it’s a result of having common empathy.

Never hesitate to say good things to strangers if you find them awesome in any aspect. You make them feel proud :)

Have a nice weekend y’all!


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