Trodding On

Yes, I’m busy with emissaries, and yet it’s a lull. Despite clearing the daily quests, there’s nothing I actually need to do with my major roster of toons in the current content. My goal of 50 azerite necklace levels will most likely not be achieved, but whatever. I crave for exploration of new lands and learning the new stories!

Speaking of which, I’m 99% sure that the patch 8.2. drops on June 25. The date is based on July 4th. Blizzard is unlikely to drop it on July 2nd before the holiday. Also they would not drop it on June 18, because then the raid will arrive on July 2nd, two weeks after. And releasing it at July 9 or later puts it dangerously close to Vanilla release. We know that every Blizzard release is performed by the same team, so they’ll have their hands full.

Most probably, we will see Warcraft 3 Reforged after Blizzcon – there’s no better time to do it. Another Warcraft anniversary, something to play, 2 months after Vanilla.

Predictions or not, I’m into grind, and also leveling dungeons. The classes I level are extremely fun. I love my paladin dwarf hurling shields at the enemies and being a cool guy :) A Kul Tiran lady is an exceptional combination of being a nature-healing person and at the same time not a racial freak (which other druid races normally are). We’ll get her to 110 and achievement, then I’ll see if I want to put her on standby.

I like shadowpriesting in dungeons – the key thing to pleasure gameplay is to save this void levitation for bosses and not bother with it otherwise. Much like bloodlust/time warp, only with a smaller cooldown. Zandalari though is a yuck :) It’ll be either a delete or race change after 110, at least I’m thinking so. I’ve got a Jellica Gnome Priest at 120, but I associate her strongly with the Light now, not the Void in any sense. She stays a healer no matter what.

It is simply amazing how I run around with my dwarf toons and laugh with happiness :) Who would’ve known!

3 thoughts on “Trodding On

    • I need to worry less about emissaries. Now I’m on fire, and if I miss one on any toon, it seems like a lost profit. How easily were they ignored during winter/spring period!

      I really need a plan for the new content, it seems so much to drop.

      Most probably I’m going in with Micromantica/Alliance and do all the story until I get stuck into repeatable content. Then I do the same with Schlitzchen/Horde, and the two work on their dailies towards reputations, exploration, achievements, story and all. If I have time, it’s Mechagon exploration on one toon. Others will catch up, but they must catch up – we have a raid to grind for transmogs! :)


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