A Couple of Tips for New Tortollan Quests

The latest patch has added a couple of new Tortollan world quests: Calligraphy and Cycle of Life. As I can boast Master of Calligraphy achievement and flawless Cycle of Life executions, I’ve decided to share a couple of tips I’m using myself.

Cycle of Life

The quest swaps Beachhead: now we are on the receiving end of shooting scrolls. A crab can move left or right, trying to catch turtles and avoid the dangerous spheres.


1. Get Used to Movement Delays.

As in Make Loh Go, the movement response is not immediate, so it leads to repetitive button pressing and drives your crab into beams :) Also the delay may result in lingering at your spot and get your head hit by a projectile. Remember this: one press for one move!

2. Make Use of Your Own Projectiles!

Once you clip a turtle, you’ll be able to launch a turtle shell to clear the full vertical line. It is best used when there are two turtles crawling in one column one after another, or when you need to cross a light spot quickly and don’t have time to wait for a walking turtle. Don’t save them though – every next clipped turtle will recharge this ability.

3. Don’t Get Caught

The quest is fail-safe – meaning that your progress is saved after your crab has been killed. And yet, try not to get caught by the projectiles. This means that you’d better skip a turtle if a light sphere is about to land. You don’t have to catch them all – you need to make through the counter.


Much like “draw a rune” we’ve seen during Nazmir Bwonsamdi questline and Legion’s Hogwarts in Azsuna, the quest requires running along the assigned lines. Unlike these quests, the lines disappear shortly after, and you have to do this by memory.


1. Start Moving ASAP

You don’t have to wait for the lines to disappear. Press forward while the pattern is still up – this way you can make 1/3 of the pattern while the lines are still there and be sure about first leg of the journey.

2. Mounts or No Mounts?

Yes, you can do it while mounted! This can be a profit in terms of covering farther distances while the lines are up – useful for Triangle and Square patterns. Although the turns are more difficult to perform without breaking the pattern, and I would definitely NOT recommend it for Circle.

3. Circle

Circle appears to be the easiest figure to complete. Start running while the lines are still up, and try to catch the rhythm of turns. I hold Forward all the time and press side button or twitch a mouse approximately once per second.

4. Square and Triangle

To complete them, you just need to remember the corner checkpoints on the ground. It may be a certain grain stalk, or a tile, or anything. When you reach the the last but one checkpoint, turn and aim at the starting crystal.

5. You Can Go Either Direction!

Yes, it doesn’t have to be the one where the quest turns your face by default. You may turn around and go another way. This way you can cover the harder part while the lines are still up, and finish with the easier piece of figure.

This is especially useful for Drustvar’s Square – by default corner 3 is hidden among identical stalks, but if you make it corner 1, the rest is a piece of cake. Also some people may find the very idea of running to another direction easier (left-handed, anyone?)

I hope this helps :)

Master of Calligraphy

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