Done with the Raiding!


The last weekend was extremely successful on drops: Nikkeli has won the Uu’nat’s trident (a cool one indeed), and Fearella has acquired the last Dazar’Alor piece – plate set helmet!

All LFR queues and runs are now officially off the activity map.

Well, now it’s a lull alright.

  • Melaris the Bloood Elf Demon Hunter will farm Honorbound medals for 750 medal mount – currently it’s 195.
  • All toons now farm emissaries to advance through azerite necklace levels and save a bit cash for the upcoming Nazjatar raid tokens.
  • 3 mounts to go in warfronts, 1 transmog item from T’zane and a couple items from Ivus to go.
  • Free from all activities, I’d lazily level a Kul Tiran and a Zandalari toons for reputation/heritage armor achievements through dungeon runs. My Kul Tiran is a healer druid, and my Zandalari is a shadow priest. I have not developed any bonds with them yet, and I don’t plan to play them actively after required 110. Still not a fan of both races. Maybe I’ll race swap these toons after 110 – we’ll see.
  • I’m still not missing DKs, paladins and monks – the mere thought of playing these classes is boring.
  • Got a few leisure old raid  transmog runs: I now have only 3 PvE set achievements to cover.
  • Waiting for the patch to come.

Fun fact which is being currently actively discussed: your hearthstone. Did you know that it will remember your position when you set it?

So, here goes: if you bind your hearthstone while looking at the tavern DOOR, you’ll teleport to the inn facing it every time! It will save precious seconds of orientation in space, as well as some extra steps – if you bind it as far from innkeeper as interaction allows you. Multiply this by every toon and every hearthstone usage, and it will save you seconds, minutes and hours!

I didn’t know that!

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