Day/Night Toys: A Million Dollar Life Improvement

8.2. wll bring the most stunning life improvement: a couple of toys, with an hour cooldown, will let you switch night and day on demand.

I can’t express strongly enough how cool is this. Beside the screenshot guys which won’t have to wait for a proper time frame, it’s a blessing to us all.

More often than not people don’t play through the whole day and night. This means that those of us who login only (or mostly) after work never see Azeroth in the daylight. That can be outright depressing – ask Scandinavia and their lightless winters (which may also affect their high suicide rates).

Granted that Blizzard has altered light schemes in the current (and further) expansions – making nights significantly darker – this is a blessing.

Datamined rumours are that the day toy is vendored in Tanaris and the night toy is a Nazjatar rare drop.

How cool is that?

5 thoughts on “Day/Night Toys: A Million Dollar Life Improvement

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it at night. All I know is I’ve disliked doing the Tortollan quests to shoot seagulls because I’m always looking into the setting sun.


  2. I am so excited for the “make anywhere look like mid-day” toy! I just hope the cost is not too ridiculous — something achievable even for my current playstyle.


  3. Good news, for years i thought 24h cycle in the game is unnecessary, it punish people who only play at night, video games need shorter days so people can experience day and night.


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