8.2.: Music Leaks

Enjoy more than 2 hours of 8.2. patch music – new island expeditions, Nazjatar, raid and Mechagon:

Nazjatar has no bombastic themes like Tyrande’s Night Warrior, we’ll see how it plays out in game environment. It’s not uncommon for soundtrack to bloom when combined with visuals.

But Mechagon… it is simply fantastic by itself!!! Not only it is playful and a 100% gnomish, it also has amazing tribal rhythms. Clockpunk and shamanic, no more, no less.

The long Mechagon sequence first starts at 22:40, and theme by theme evolves in a devouring monster – give it a spin. The best one starts at 32:37.

Whatever the location itself would be in game, I’d be hanging out there. Music is one of the most important things which makes us like or dislike the location. I already love this one!

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