Not a Grind

My recent progress in WoW has been very notable.

In the raid camp: 

  • Leather BoD set is complete, Melaris and Pins are now on raid standby.
  • All BoD warrior weapons won! That makes it all BoD weapons.
  • Effectively it’s just warrior helmet left, and the raid is complete. It drops either from Jadefire or Jaina, so that makes it 8 attempts per week (two toons*two bosses*drop+bonus roll).
  • Restless Cabal dropped the healer staff to Jagda: minus three queues to Crucible.
  • I still have Uu’nat’s polearm to go – that is three attempts without bonus rolls.

Accidents may happen, but I’m pretty confident that I will close the current raids by 8.2. Only two items to get!

World Bosses/Warfronts

  • I’ve crossed out Ivus for cloth transmogs today: minus 4 toons worrying about him:)
  • Still need T’zane for leather toons to complete Uldir normal sets.
  • Still need those leather pants from rares to complete the last warfront set.
  • I may or may not farm a couple of mounts I’m missing – notably Blackpaw bear, a donkey from Overseer Crix and a Skullripper’s raptor. It’s a quick-shot, so I think I’ll just check-in if their world quests are running. Won’t hurt me much.

I don’t know about people whining about Artifact Power this expansion. It’s been barely a week since I’ve started paying attention to AP emissaries, and my toons suddenly find themselves at 44 level or up. I presume if I were doing it with an alt or two during the whole springtime, I’d be waving my 50 necklace for a long time already. And this is without a single island expedition.

Beside the AP, I’m busy with grinding reputations for newer toons. Mostly it’s Zandalari for 3 Horde toons to see the finale of Vol’jin story at Exalted, and Myrki’s 7th Legion to wrap up her War Campaign. Otherwise, we’re good. For completionist sakes (and profession recipes) I may drive them all to Exalted with all factions, but it’s really not that vital.

I not only see the end of the tunnel – I already breathe the air from it :) Come 8.2., I hope to have my hands free of all the previous responsibilities, no strings attached to the past content.

11 alts :) Here we go again.

One thought on “Not a Grind

  1. Your dedication and consistency is amazing to read about. I always like seeing your organization with all your alts too.

    I’m excited to experience gnome themed content we get coming up in 8.2!


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