Kargash was yesterday on a Defeat Jaina quest, and look what the cats dragged in:


As seen from screenshot, G.M.O.D. was acquired BEFORE looting, so probably wasting your bonus loot tokens for its drop is not the best idea.

The mount itself has a funny running animation, which I like. But granted we don’t see the driver, it’s probably not gonna be the one I will use often. I hope it can fly, because it does so during Gallywix questlines :)


I still got some Jaina encounters to go for leather feet and plate helmet transmogs, but I’m happy that this big thing is checked out :) Yay to Kargash the Mag’har Firebender!

P.S. Completing Vol’jin’s and War Campaign questlines could result in a time paradox:


Look carefully, and you can see two Talanjis present at the same time :) Also the G’huun defeat speech suddenly got more audience :)

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