1. Crucible of Storms is pain. Nikkeli was trying for the Uu’nat’s polearm yesterday, and it took 4 wipes, with half a raid change after each of them to beat it. I keep explaining and bossing people around – because I want bosses killed – and frankly it’s not good for my blood pressure :)

The only thing that comforts me slightly is that each of the successful kills means 24 more people spreading winning strategy wisdom around the world. Hopefully some day we will see a majority of raid who know what to do.

2. World of Warcraft Classic is due on August 27. I’m still not planning to play the World of Squares and Triangles, but here’s some important news. Latest developers interview stated that one and the same team is busy with providing new releases, so it means that Classic and 8.2. releases will be separated in time. I’m predicting Nazjatar/Mechagon in 20s of June, or 13th of July.

3. This year’s anniversary celebrations will let players to queue via raid finder and defeat most notorious bosses throughout WoW history! The reward is your personal Deathwing mount. I think I know what I’ll be doing in November.


4. Warfront token mounts are shared! I’ve purchased a krolusk on an Alliance toon, and on Horde it became “already known”. Now, to farm 700 tokens for a moonsaber, and we’re done here.

5 thoughts on “Trivia

  1. Krolusks are shared, but manasaber and bat have to be farmed separately (I have manasaber on my main, bat is still not available for Horde alt).


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