Checklist Before Nazjatar

1,5 month away from the next content patch, it’s time to review my alts and set goals… which I like to do via spreadsheets :)


AP – I’d like it to be at 50 by the new patch, so I’m hurrying to grind the emissaries and world quests. It’s just you need to play a character: for example, I got naturally excited to play Nikkeli due to the race change, and he’s got 44 – the best result of all.

Item Level – I’d like my toons to step in Nazjatar and Mechagon 385-ish, but it’s not that vital with incoming gear tokens. Still, it will make the initiate running around easier, and we’re almost there anyways.

Darkshore -> Ivus columns are about transmogs. As scarce as this part of table may seem, it’s not that bad. Mostly it’s just one item to go, and it will cover several toons at once. For example, gaining a healer weapon from Cabal will provide “+” for Schlitzchen, Jellica and Jagda in Crucible section.

Jaina -> Baine are about completing the questlines – it requires Exalted with Honorbound/7th Legion and Zandalari.

Tools of Trade are a thing which may pass onto the next expansion due to required solo dungeon runs or tedious grinds on some of them. Still, the current goal is to get 150 in professions and acquiring the Tool recipes.

And cash! :) Raid tokens and otherwise standby gameplay left me roughly at 10k, so I’m not ignoring these emissaries as well. A leisure run for transmogs in older raids won’t hurt too.

Conclusion: with less and less raiding/story time my gameplay is now switching towards world quests. The good, old grind :)

3 thoughts on “Checklist Before Nazjatar

  1. Heh, yep, a grind is a grind but never so bad when you can see the goal. As to cash, save all those mats and flasks for the next raid — maybe three or four weeks after the patch drops. That might pad your pockets nicely. Good luck!


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