Blood Elf Heritage Armor Questline

Seeing the Blood Elf heritage questline is the simplest endeavor so far – from scratch. If you never had a blood elf, a brand new demon hunter is 20 points away from level cap, and tabard+dungeons (TBC dungeons in my case) will take you 1,5 hours to reach Exalted.

*spoilers incoming

Starting from Orgrimmar embassy, you go to Silvermoon – obviously – where Lor’themar will assign you the honor of commemorating the Blood Elf legacy this year. He mentions that Liadrin and he himself did so previously, so it’s some notable person every year. The travel takes you throughout the Quel Thalas lands – Ghostlands, Eversong and Isle of Quel Danas.

Naturally the history in question are the infamous events that ended High Elves as we knew them and turned them into Blood Elves as we know them now. Of course it’s Arthas’ slaughter which left a deadly scar throughout the elevn land.

For those who didn’t play Warcraft III, Arthas didn’t even plan to destroy the elves or ruin their land – at least that was not his purpose. He merely wanted the powers of Sunwell, a fountain of magical energy, an “offspring” of Well of Eternity to resurrect a human necromancer’s remains into a powerful lich – Kel Thuzad. In turn, the resurrected Kel Thuzad summoned Archimonde by Dalaran in Hillsbrad to lead the Legion invasion on the World Tree.

That is why most elven lands were not ruined, and the Dead Scar marks only the path of the Scourge towards Sunwell. Nevertheless, High Elves rose as one for defence of their power source, and 90% of their population were killed in battle. The remains changed the nation’s name to Blood Elves.

That was history (go and play at least Warcraft 3 Reforged, will you?). WoW legacy storyline does not add up any revelations. It marks certain battles, as you light the torch along the Dead Scar, get a go fighting the undead memories and witness Arthas and elven then-authorities exchanging remarks.

The only new thing is a small landscape retcon. In the Sunwell Fall W3 mission the Scourge first kills Sylvanas in an unnamed town and turns her into banshee, then storms the major Sunwell city. The access to the city is across two identical wide bridges, a river at most.

In WoW memories, Arthas kills Sylvanas in front of Silvermoon gates, then freezes the sea to reach Quel Danas isle, and fights Anasterian Sunstrider on its shore (Anasterian was not mentioned or present in W3).

We also get a glimpse of Kael’thas cleansing the corruption of Sunwell in the aftermath and shutting it down.

With Warcraft III Reforged, we’ve been already promised to have a WoW-type Stratholme instead of initiate RTS map. I hope the blood elf maps get a retcon upgrade as well, because it’s a serious change.

Anyways, we return to Silvermoon, Liadrin talks of how Blood Elves are defined by their ability to adapt and survive the hardships, and the armor is ours.

The story was simple, and brings almost nothing new for those who know history, so I wasn’t that excited. But by all means this is the most important and vital moment of Blood Elf heritage.

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