Preparing for Nazjatar

I was idle with blogging recently, but I was not idle in game. My absense craves for activities review, and here goes.

Character Checklist

Lorewise, my goal on newer alts is to clean up their quest logs to zero. I’ve decided that I need all storylines completed on every current alt, and this means reaching Honorbound/7th Legion Exalted to clean up the war campaigns.

In technical (read: gear) terms the goals are almost complete. My newest Horde warrior tank is 380 now, which is even better than some of my alts played from the very beginning of the expansion. Myrki the Gnome Warlock breathes in the neck, but she’s by all means ready for current raids and already running them. By Nazjatar all alts should be at least 380-385, and via warfronts/world questing rather than raiding.

One of my lazy goals is grinding azerite necklace. Sitting at 40-42, reaching 50 will be my purpose activity when everything else is done, and meanwhile I’m not skipping azerite power emissaries while in queues.

Professions at 150 and Tools of Trade are another thing that I need ready by Nazjatar and 8.2. I’ve added the Alchemy sphere to my list of completed items – now it’s Blacksmithing, Enchanting and Jewelcrafting left to go.

Summing up my to-do checklist for all alts:

  • War Campaign, Jaina/Vol’jin, Crucible storylines completed
  • Professions at 150 and Tools of Trade acquired
  • Azerite necklaces at 50
  • Item level at 380-385

Transmogs and Raiding

My major goal of acquiring transmogs is creeping slowly, but towards the end. As of now I need a couple of transmog items from warfronts, 1 leather item from T’zane (normal Uldir/world boss set), leather feet from Jaina/Uu’nat, 2 plate armor items from BoD and 3 warrior weapons.

Crucible added a couple of weapons too: a staff available only for healer toons from Cabal and a polearm from Uu’nat.

It is so cool that raiding is not the only source of good gear anymore, helped out by warfronts and world quests. It means that I can concentrate on story/quest runs and collection farming.

Crucible of Storms

The current routine is getting a naga medallion from any naga world quest -> solving Xal’atath questline -> getting a 1500 azerite quest and running it once per toon.

It’s pretty stressful if you ask me :) Having it won 5 times already in every role, I’m naturally assigning myself to a raid leader role and having a hard time there. As always in LFR, the problem are not people who wipe and learn – the problem are people who scram after their first try. We’ve never had more than 3 tries for a successful kill – not even once. But people who left never know this! The funny thing is that people who leave will never learn to play through the bosses. People who stay – do, and it’s them which make the runs on other alts/next weeks runs easier.

The key problem is arrogance I suppose. People come to LFR presuming they faceroll the fights, and when the party dies, it’s other players to blame. You know, as in ‘LFR never gets good players’. Hence whining everywhere of ‘what do you expect from LFR’. So… do they kill the bosses on the first try in normal, heroic and mythic modes?

Crucible appears to be pretty simple considering tactics, but they just should be executed. A couple of understanding tanks is half of success, and all they need is to perform primitive swaps in time. The other half of success are DPS performing basic positioning: be inside the bubble twice for Cabal, and transfer the deadly beams at Uu’nat with a 5-sec interval. This is it! Well, an experienced crown guy at Uu’nat is vital, but there is always one.

Frankly it’s not the hardest raid, and it’s nowhere close to the examples where multiplying shit floods the floor, and you panic and die.

Battle of Dazar’Alor is currently a walk in the park. I think the only problematic boss now is Opulence, with those ninja resets on construct phase. Surprisingly every other boss now is almost perfectly wipe-safe.

All the Small Things

Elegon gave up after my 8th run this week, and I’m happy to present my favorite pet so far:



And I’ve also made some changes to my toon roster. You see, even with Arkeona the Nightborne Warrior having access to all tmogs up to 120, she’s got only 1 (one) tmog option that I like. I could never live with it, so race swap brings us:


An orc, on the other hand, fits EVERY possible set – to an extent that I think that Blizzard tunes plate armors for orcs first :) And he feels just so great in game – I’ve completed full Nazmir story and Crucible/BoD raids with him!

It was surprisingly easy to grow into the new character – a tanking Mag’har warrior is simply amazing. Probably replaying Frostfire Ridge with leveling Arkeona and watching a couple of scenes from Warcraft movie helped a bit…

My new orc is not based on Grommash character despite the appearance – I don’t like him much in both timelines. But my Gorgul is definitely the Blood & Honor guy which we will need very soon during anti-Sylvanas revolution.

The second change incoming is my hunter. I’m swapping Baisa the Gnome to another race. The choice is between a human female and a dwarf male. Basically it’s a choice between a forest bowman trapper and a mountaineer gunman. I’ve had the human hunter girl before, and I think I’m bending towards a dwarf now – the classic Bronzebeard of Dun Morogh, not a Dark Iron. Test character feels just great!

So, Nazjatar will see a couple of new faces from me :) The most classic and ancient archetypes – dating back to Vanilla cinematic!

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Nazjatar

    • I’ve explained the Happiness pun and the whole Sha thing to my wife – I even traveled to Dread Wastes to show her the skies. And she kept texting me the whole next day about it, as in “super cute” :)


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