Crucible of Storms: A Peep into Crucible

Yesterday: Micromantica -> Crucible of Storms (obviously).

I must say that this piece of raid is something amazing. I have expected nothing special from it, and yet.

It is hard to articulate the source of my extreme satisfaction. Surely these are not the hardest bosses, like we’ve never seen before. We’ve had our share of wipes and stacking determination before – most notably with the infamous eredar generals, Archimonde and Kil’jaeden in WoD and Legion.

And yet the bosses are somehow unique. And I think the reason is the encounters’ design.

Usually the hardest LFR bosses have a lot of things to be processed simultaneously, and/or the battlefield turns into a mess sooner or later – metaphorically and literally. The doom comes from the shit that slowly multiplies and eventually engulfs everything: debuff stacks, shit on the floor, unbearable amount of adds etc. The perfect example could be G’huun. By the end of its encounter everyone’s debuffed alright, and the floor reminds of an exploded Petri dish.

And here comes the meaning of determination stacks: it helps you to burn through phases quicker before the multiplying mess swamps and overwhelms you.

Not this time. The encounters require a cold head and an absolute control from the beginning till the very end. In fact, you could spend some time in a stalemate, with neither the boss receiving damage enough to push to the next phase, nor the fight turning into a shower of shit that swallows you and causes a wipe. You require knowledge of what to do, and only executing mechanics will take you forward – not overgear and squeezing the best out of your arsenal.

Restless Cabal was executed in three attempts. We had two insta-wipes due to the bubble cause, then when we figured out that everyone needs to step in, the tentacle guys went down. I even tanked our third try! It was extremely fun and unique to be a tanking mage :) My part was executed perfectly, I kept Zaxasj exactly at the required relic spots around the circle. By all means I’m tanking it with all my ranged DPS from now on.

Uu’nat required 4 attempts. Obviously the first try was not good. I took the crown, died to the beams, no one picked it up, and it got consumed by the void circle, so it was a wipe afterwards. I decided I don’t take the crown. On our second try we went better, but got caught in the add phase. Uu’nat got stuck around 30k health, it was neither in nor out, and we wasted all our dps on adds. Stalemate.

On our third try the trident shit killed us, plus the crown guy messed it up… and both tanks left after. Mind you, it was not a rage quit – they said hearty goodbyes, they just had to leave due to IRL issues. Mr.Sandman invited me to bed as well, but two new tanks popped up, and I decided to give it another try. And it was a decisive victory!


The lessons learned were these:

  • Determination DPS doesn’t help a lot – it won’t provide you victory.
  • Fuck the Trident. Tanks should just ignore this item in LFR – it hurts more than helps.
  • Mind the beams – in fact, stop all damage and focus on crossing them properly, with a 5-sec interval. Remember: dead DPS don’t bite!
  • The Crown guy’s execution is vital for success – as is stopping DPS when Guardians are about 20-25% health.
  • Mind your cleaves with “hostile” players around.

Lorewise, I liked the raid a lot. Although the Tentacle guys are an old story, Uu’nat had a unique model, and a glimpse of N’Zoth was precious. Surely it’s not the Old God itself, but we felt its might. Now I know we can’t just frostbolt him. Even a trace of his power was but a bit too much for a common hero. We will need powerful artifacts, machinery, magic and legendary beings – anything to cope with this Old God. His power is simply overwhelming. Now I wonder how it will happen :) The idea of Azeroth the Titan hatched and kill it off while we fight its minions seems to be valid.

We’ve spent 2 hours in the raid, and it was nothing like LFR as I felt it. Probably not the fun place to farm while picking your nose, but I’d replay it with pleasure. Just excellent.


P.S. The new transmogs are a healer-only staff, and a 2H polearm.

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