Attuned for Raiding – on Every Alt Now


Just check out Myrki’s gear. It took literally one day to bring her to 335 – ready for Uldir and all the warfronts.

I owe it to some insane drop rate: two items from Azurethos, two items from Doom Howl, one item from Ji’arak and a range of goods from Arathi rares. RNG was working in my favor as good as never.

This week will be devoted to heavy raiding routines. Leathers and plates go to BoD for transmogs, Arkeona and Myrki will dig Uldir, and the rest will start storming the Crucible. I think that completing Xal’athath questline on all toons won’t hurt. It grants a 1500 azerite quest for slaying the last Crucible boss, and I’m going there anyways at least once with all my alts.

There’s a staff in the loot table, not available from BoD tmogs, so small farming is a thing. I need to check the other weapon options on all alts.

3 thoughts on “Attuned for Raiding – on Every Alt Now

  1. I gave the Crucible a shot. I’m going to focus on World Quest Emissaries awarding 395+ in stead. Best of luck to you running your army through there. The mood was very somber in LFR, not even the joking around that it would be easy. More of a resigned feeling that yeah, it was going to take 10 stacks for the group to down the boss, and even then it would be a tough fight. I cannot even imagine a group in 350 gear doing the fight.


    • I’m watching Exorsus and Method streams as we speak, can’t wait to try it myself even if a couple of floors down :) Most probably it’ll be tomorrow’s evening.

      My LFR alts are about 373-380, so I guess most of the players will come prepared even better.

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      • I’m 394, a glance at a few that didn’t bail on the 2nd failure were similar. Best we got was 60%. Personal opinion is it’s either still overtuned, or there’s mechanics they have not spelled out in the dungeon journal.

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