The Final Ding!

And it’s a yay! Myrki the Gnome Warlock, arriving by Arom’s Stand questlines after half of Drustvar and full Stormsong Valley, dinged her 120 in the morning!

This effectively wraps up my leveling for hopefully a long time – at least until the final expansion lull where I may think of acquiring heritage zandalari/kul tiran armor sets.

I think I’ll just be cleaning up loose ends from now on. The checklist is actually huge:

  • The new toons have these major questlines to go, i-leveling into and through raids, preparing for Nazjatar and leveling their professions.
  • The not-so-new toons, like Melaris, Kargash and Jagda, need to get Exalted with at least Honorbound/7th Legion and wrap up their war campaigns, rendering their quest logs cleared to zero.
  • In fact, everybody’s quest logs must be cleared to zero.
  • I need to earn crafting mats to acquire the remaining Tools of Trade. It’s either gathering legwork, or replenishing the depleted gold vaults for AH purchases, or both. The extra raid tokens has got each of my toons sitting on a feeble 10k or less.
  • Battle of Dazar’Alor still owes us several leather and plate armor tmogs.
  • I’m two pets short from Pandaria’s raiding with leashes.
  • Some transmogs and mounts still remain to be farmed from warfronts.
  • I wonder if I may put some effort and push azerite necklace levels towards 50 – currently it’s 36-39 on alts.

Old and new goals, an army of alts (again) – 8 months into expansion BfA keeps me going :) Blessed be the incoming May holidays where I could shovel this all.

I’m wondering when the Warcraft III reboot kicks in. Hopefully it’s not coming at the same time as Nazjatar and Mechagon, because I’d like to devote a week for plunging into the well known and much beloved strategy. Either way, my goals need to be completed by the end of June.

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