Tanking Uldir!

As expected, on the second day of her 120 Arkeona became attuned to Uldir raid and all warfronts – 325, yay, through world quests alone :) Catching up is great.

I queued for all Uldir wings as a tank – my god, this was fast. Barely a minute at 10 PM.

I did two last wings, and it went fairly smooth. Not without a couple of my deaths – Zul’s knife does some insane damage which I didn’t know how to shake off. When he joins the melee fight, he manages to take away my health in 3-4 blows, and god forgive if you’re linger for an extra second in a blood puddle. Yet we managed to do it on our first pull.

The other trouble boss was G’huun. On the first pull people learned to do the orb runs – literally no clue, it took forever, and in the end they just died before the first beam :) On the second pull they still learned, but we got to phase two. My deaths were at this G’huun wipe – it required figuring out how to swap to drop his stacks with the other tank, yet the reason were still the orbs, we didn’t get to the second beam. The third pull was a kill, and a smooth one with 95% survival rate – despite the BL/Time Warp on pull. One Old God down!

I’ve won a trinket, and any 340 item is welcome nowadays.

All in all it wasn’t a bad run, and the problems are of course the LFR problems: ninja pulls from DPS and lack of tank coordination (due to lack of experience, but it’s cured after or even during the first try). I cannot tell that it was a mess in any encounter – I perfectly controlled my movement and situation. Now, some feeble 23 ilvl left to step in Dazar’Alor and the next week’s Crucible.

By all means I’m keeping the tanking toon among my alts – it’s always a brand new perspective, and it gives an incomparable sense of importance :)


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