Hails to Arkeona the Nightborne Warrior and her 120!

All it took with heirlooms was Zuldazar in full and a half of Vol’dun. I never even arrived at the northwest sethraki hubs to proceed with the major questline.

I’m planning to play through all the main questlines nevertheless to ramp up reputations and also get azerite rewards for dungeon quests. Besides, I’ve got a feeling that more world quests open up if you played through the zones – it requires a check.

My immediate scouting for free gear didn’t prove that successful. An available Arathi warfront patrol didn’t give a single piece of gear from any rare mob, world bosses were greedy as well. Still, somehow I brought her from 284 to 310 in the first day. There’s no rush, just checking out the gear world quests on a daily basis and adding up incursions / raids / warfront runs as soon as they become available. I’ll be punching G’huun’s face this week, no doubt :) Arkeona is in leisure mode today – half an hour daily would be sufficient for leveling her gear.

My next goal is Myrki the gnome warlock who has already started her journey in Stormsong and already hit 112.

I’ve collected the Inscription tool of trade – the blood quill. Bonuses are fine: you could scribe contracts to summon a personal companion with healer, tank or dps perks in the open world. Not something that I want in normal circumstances. Also using a quill would suck the blood out of your fallen foe and heal you for some amount – this needs testing.

The process of gathering crafting mats was insane actually. Two crafting items were usual: one drops from any world boss and one drops from King’s Rest serpent with 100% chance. The fun (not) part is collecting 50 x Coagulated Miasma. This drops from trolls in Underrot dungeon… if you do it solo. A group run dropped NONE.

So, here goes Fearella the 377 Fury Warrior. After multiple trials and deaths I’ve designed the safe routine: enter Underrot, kill the first warmother and then the next pack of four trolls – this is easy if you destroy their healer first and interrupt her spell. This will provide you with 5-6 items. Rince, repeat. I had to make a break because I queued for too many dungeons in a short period, but all in all it took me an hour.

I can’t help but point that this is the worst design ever. Say, you’re actually SUPPOSED to solo dungeons, because there are no drops in group version, and you could barely get 5 from 40-50 minutes grind in the open world. The idea of rekindling more interest in dungeons is great… just why are we supposed to perform it solo?

And as long as it’s possible to take out the first packs in Underrot for Inscription, there is no way my shaman could get to the Ashvane mobs in Tol Dagor for Jewelcrafting: this will require slaying 2 bosses solo. Where’s any logic in that?

Alchemy, Enchanting and Blacksmithing are still awaiting to be 150 :) Hopefully no x50 options for them.

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