So… Eight Point Two!

I’ve only read the review of the presentation, and it all sounds grand on paper :)


It’s the prime of gnome content we were lacking for a long time. Surely BfA introduced them during war campaign like we couldn’t possibly hope, but this pushes the boundaries to the next level. A sandbox construction site – what could have been better?

The new dungeon I will see in heroic (read: queued) version, or in retrospective like I did with Karazhan in Legion.

I think it’s safe to say that mechagnomes will be the allied race counterpart to gnomes, so make sure you earn Exalted if you want to roll one :)


Still split into two factions, we will finally fight the common foe. The Horde will befriend gilbins, sea giants and makrura, while the Alliance meets some Ankuran race.

I’m not a fan of ‘companion’ idea, it sucked ever since Draenor. The peak of my interest was gaining exalted for all WoD companions, and this is it. I never assigned any of them to mess along in Legion. This time there is some story involved, so I may run with them for a while. We’ll see how it plays out.


It’s gonna be a boss range of naga-naga-naga in all shapes, with a random sea monster in between. But you know what? There will be Lady Priscilla Ashvane as a boss! Hold me – I need to see this. Will Blizzard push it far enough to turn her into Little Mermaid’s Ursula – all mutated and with octopus tentacles? What does it mean lorewise, as she’s currently Sylvanas’ ally? Most intrigued!

Heart of Azeroth

Needless to say, any change here is most welcome. Personally I crave for its visualization, and Blizzard seems to acknowledge that. Basically we put it in a neck slot and forgot about it – we need a certain panel like with artifact weapons.


All zones, yay: including Nazjatar and Mechagon. The Battle for Azeroth flight requirements are most simple:

  • Pathfinder 1
  • Explore Nazjatar and Mechagon
  • Earn Revered with Mechagon/Nazjatar factions

A couple of weeks of lazy gameplay, and we’re there. Bonus: we will get a mechanical parrot mount!

War Campaign

The story makes baby steps so far – we need the revolution within the Horde, period. Asap.

Gnome Legacy Armor

More gnome content!

Heroic Warfronts

I will need to test the new mode – if it’s queued.


Mount Gear

Kamalia has a point: Barding surprisingly feels like the best choice nowadays. It doesn’t bother me to save a slot for water strider on my bars, and it will totally feel weird to ride across the seas on a manasaber, a horse or a ram. Falling off the cliffs is not vital as long as we get flights. Maybe next expansion?


Excited. I hope we will get the sandbox this expansion truly deserves.

5 thoughts on “So… Eight Point Two!

  1. Oh, you need the third rep for flying, think there is one Horde specific, one Alliance.

    Also they are removing water walking from the strider, the choice you make applies to all mounts account bound. Changing destroys the previous, and it will cost about 1000g to change it back. That number may be adjusted.


    • Two factions for flying: Mechagnomes for all, and Unshackled or Ankuran depending on faction.

      Water walking: in that case I may still opt for Barding, and switch to water walking in the beginning of the next expansion :)

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      • Oh. WoWhead said 3

        Patch 8.2 will introduce Flying in Battle for Azeroth, and we learned a little more about the requirements to unlock Flying, such as three 8.2 factions at Revered, and rewards like the Mechanical Parrot mount.


  2. I really do think that we need to look hard at the sandbox idea. It was very successful for the Timeless Isle and there are a lot of players still over there years later. I think Argus was supposed to be sandbox too, but it never felt really fun running around there even though the rewards were good and could be had. Maybe with flying we’ll find reasons to sandbox in 8.2 and play and find things and pvp maybe?


    • In my opinion a sandbox should provide the magnificent scenery where you may want to put a house :) Ergo, Broken Isles, Tanaan Jungle and Argus didn’t prove successful – with an exception of Mac’Aree maybe. Timeless Isle was super successful because it was serene, a cozy environment with a major friendly hub in the middle, and no forces actively spoiling the scenery and preparing an onslaught. The enemeies just lived there :)

      It will all depend on the artist approach. Mechagon could either be a magical mysterious steampunk world with christmas-like lights or a rusty noir dumpster. Nazjatar may borrow the magnificence of Vashjir’s first subzones, or be a damp swampy place.

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