Anything but Dull

The last couple of my vacation days were, as always, a couple of cozy days at home, and naturally in WoW. Now here’s what they brought:


  • Baisa has won the bow from Conclave, sending all my chainmail toons on standby.
  • Pins the Rogue has won a headpiece from BoD, with feet remaining to complete the leather set. Also she did not forget to switch to Outlaw loot before Jaina, and Daelin Proudmoore’s cutlass wraps up the leather toons’ weapons!
  • Melaris the DH won nothing.
  • No GMOD yet.
  • Fearella the Warrior to go on weekend.

All in all I have now only three toons left raiding, and they are effectively coping with it during the week.

Crucible is not to be ignored for farming as I presumed previously – at least my shaman see the unique stave in the loot table.


I’m rapidly growing a couple of Gnome Warlock / Nightborne Warrior. Myrki has already got to 103 by today’s morning, while Arkeona finished Zuldazar, and arriving by Akunda Temple met her at 117,5.

It is interesting how I sacrifice using 280 azerite armor for heirlooms :) Experience is god in the current situation, so even if a tank spec is not that fast by default, I want to reach the endgame asap. Although leveling as a tank has that benefit of collecting 4-6 mobs and smashing them at the same time :) Completing Atal’Dazar was not too hard as well.

I have abandoned the dark iron monk for now – I let her hang at 40, yet no desire to login. We’ll see about that during lulls.

Tools of Trade


The first one I’ve got was an Engineering wrench, and it’s amazing! I like the casting animation, and it summons bots of choice upon use. We’ll check that in combat :)

It’s not the only one I’ve got already – I also collected mats and crafted Tailoring synchro-thread and Leatherworking mallet. Inscription questline awaits, and also I did the complete questline for Jewelcrafting. Jewelcrafting was the best story so far! It revolves around fixing the Earthen altars in Kul Tiras and then going to an underwater cave near Theramore:



Although no drama happens, it was somehow very comforting and touching.

The worst thing is that Jewellery Focus crafting requires possibly the most brutal grind so far. Among everything else, we need 50 handfuls of azerite powder which drops from Ashvane-associated mobs. Wowhead advises going to Tol Dagor dungeon – well, I got NONE there while some people claim to get 20 from a single run. I guess I’m bound to the open world – at least I’ve got 4 from Ashvane Foundry. It’s gonna be a long journey, but for a person who has got an albino raptor for 9999 dino bones… is it?

I’m gonna collect all Tools of Trade (probably it’s a Feat of Strength too?). Not for achievement or any practical use, but to keep as something signifying my character’s crafting skills and remembering the effort.


If not for Leto’s post, I would have completely forgotten that the new lore awaits me!

I like that the quest comes from naga invasion world quests. You get the quest item as a drop from one of the mobs. Ergo, it is not hanging as a big exclamation reminder in your capital for all your alts, so you can replay it on characters of choice.

I’ve completed it on Micromantica, and I’m planning to do it again at least twice. The second time with Jellica the Priest, because I’m intrigued to see the class-specific dialogue, and the third time with some Horde toon, because I’m interested in seeing who will purge N’Zoth influence from the hero. For the Alliance, Brother Pike removes the corruption.

I would not describe the questline, but what surprised me: did the order hall champion priest actually THROW the artifact weapon away? Just like that? For a random Tortollan to find it in the mud?

Apart from that, the questline is amazing. The Old God threat is here, it’s brutal and dangerous, and it’s a bridge from our grim, sorrowful inter-faction clash to a common enemy. The questline itself is intriguing, and being accompanied by mesmerizing Xal’atath voice in the process is priceless :)


Even if my leveling alts are still approaching endgame, I feel that I go in a very nice pace today. 8.2. in PTR soon, we cannot anticipate it earlier than June, and I’m confident that my goals will be complete by then. Good times in my camp!

2 thoughts on “Anything but Dull

  1. Well done! I’m running hot and cold on the Tools of the Trade, so thank you for reminding me to pick it up again.
    And the dagger quest line, wow what a voice actor! I loved every bit of it and felt seduced and betrayed. It was cool and yep, I’ll re-do it again (maybe not cleanse?).


    • Nah, you’re supposed to cleanse it, or walk with N’Zoth eye forever :) That’s what the toy is for – you may switch it on and off in a click.

      Btw, it’s a brilliant thing. I wish more toys were significant ones, referring to the plot.


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