Vacation Gift from WoW

It’s like Blizzard knows that I have a week off from my job, and here’s what my toons got in the last two days:

  • Both items from Warlord Yenajz / leather
  • Both items from leather/DH/Opulence – most precious crown and warglaive
  • And this:


Funny enough, the leveling Myrki the Gnome Warlock died just before the dragon encounter. People went on, and a warlock, without instant speed buffs, fell behind just enough to catch a patrol of stone spiders, die to it, and spend the encounter dead & locked outside the wall :)


I think it’s the most beautiful of all Cata dragons! With all my normal irritation towards the drake mount family, I may even keep it on an action bar.

See you on the other side of the weekend – I’m off to see Vienna, Prague, Dresden, Leipzig and my toddler niece in Moscow in 4 days (yes, me and my wife are travel pros :)

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