Heirloom Legion Leveling

Recently I invested 200k gold into upgrading certain heirlooms from 100 up to 120. Well, here goes the result: every copper was well spent.

It struck me that I’ve never leveled any toon in Legion content with heirlooms. I could recall my relatively fresh Dark Iron shaman, Jagda, getting to 110 through two zones and a half w/o any bonuses.

What do we have now? Arkeona has just got 105 through Stormheim alone, and she has yet to complete the undead/shield maiden final hub. No dungeons were run, almost no extra quests (an introduction to order hall doesn’t really count). Amazing!

I think I’ll do her profession, order hall and artifact weapon errands next to get busy with the unrepeated content. Halls of Valor run – which grants insane XP for Aegis pillar quest. And Val’sharah then – abandoning it as soon as I’m 110. I wonder how long will it take in BfA content!

I’d rather skip the BfA zones as much as possible too (enough is enough), but won’t it result in less world quests? I don’t want to miss the gear ones to raise my ilvl. Her primary goal is to enter raiding environment as a tank asap. I don’t bother about reputations or whatever.

Anyways, go and upgrade your heirlooms :) It’s cool.

2 thoughts on “Heirloom Legion Leveling

  1. Once you have unlocked world quests with your first character, they are unlocked for all you subsequent characters. This is even true for Argus where you could expect that alts would need to unlock zones in order. Skip whatever you want. You can even unlock all flight points in BfA zones by 7th L/Honorboud reputation BoA map.

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