Trivia: Tools, Farming & Leveling

The passing weekend took me through many activities, so a traditional Monday report incoming.


Finally there was a proper chainmail toon run – BfDA cleared in full on Jagda, Schlitzchen and Baisa. The bosses, namely Rastakhan, still owe us pants, so no luck happened in this department. Yet, Baisa won 2/3 hunter weapons! A Survival’s spear and a shooter specs’ awesome high-tech gun are now mine! The bow from Conclave awaits.

I also brought Fearella (my only plate armor cap toon) into the raid, and she got a couple of items too. Granted she’s the only one to farm them, I was surprised to see that her set situation is already better than 50%.

Pro-tip (which will never work in LFR): you could use Bloodlust upon the DEATH of Opulence. The word of other players is that you could dig the piles 30% faster. Just imagine if it were true (and whether Blizzard knows about it).

I’m playing in a relaxed mode nowadays. Three or four runs per week, and I don’t feel like I’m missing opportunities – I have all the time in the world until 8.2. to farm what needs to be farmed.

Raiding with Leashes

I’ve cut my achievement to 3 remaining pets. Garalon, Tayak and Elegon to go. There’s no rush as well – I’m collecting the transmogs in huge piles, switching to normal if I have won all heroic ones. The biggest acquiring is shaman’s full sets from Heart of Fear – it’s just gorgeous in all colors. In general I’m a huge fan of the mantid raid transmogs, they are a killer.


Arkeona has just established her Garrison, and is already 92 now. It’s the first time she ever left Orgrimmar, so I need to report that leveling as a tank is quite fine. Doesn’t feel too slow, and is of course a playable option. Of course I’ve started thinking as a tank in the field – that is, aggroing 3-5 mobs at once for quicker kills. Not that of a difference from group content.

I’ve dragged my warlock to 70 and my monk to 38, so they are not forgotten :)

Wasted 200k gold on upgrading heirlooms – at least my warrior is fine until 120.

Profession Tools

I have seen two of them questlines: Tailoring and Leatherworking.

Tailoring takes you along a Nightborne girl which is a timeweaver. It’s the most interesting idea: using your sewing skills to mend the rifts in time and space, and the bronze thread animations are amazing! We travel all over Azeroth to try and fix the disturbance. We kill some of her evil copies, find others dead, so she passes us the scheme for the rift-mending kit because we’re worthy, and her alternate time versions are damaged.

The most exciting idea – not the first time when I got it – is introducing the fourth mage spec, and that would be Timeweaving – healing. You operate the Time itself to reverse the wounds! I think we already had this kind of spell some time ago. Clockwork, sands and now thread weaving animations could be most awesome. I don’t know what must be done to implement it :) Anyways, this questline was a reminder.

Leatherworking requires a little travel to get some scales, leathers and bones from Val’sharah, Stormwind and Tiragarde. We then turn the materials into a set of six drums blessed by Elune which we put in the center of every six of BfA zones. The crafting recipe is a mallet (apparently to boom the said drums for a certain bonus).

Crafting mats requirements are not too hard, but you need to put in a little dedication. Leatherworkers would kill a number of elite undead dinos (found in Nazmir) for their sinews, and they also need some elaborate silks which drop from any elite world quest creature (with a 15-minute gating between kills). Tailors apparently need to run 4 different dungeons for certain bosses and their certain drops. It’s not that much of work, so I need to check if the drop is 100%. Anyways, a thing to get busy with :)

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