Racial Profession “Buff”

You all know that some races have their profession “buffs” that allow them to come up several points after cap – for example, Pandaren and cooking. Previously – I guess – it allowed to save several early points in the next expansion. For example, a 715 in Draenor alchemy meant that you start there in Legion, not at 700.

Well, it outlived itself, and at large.

With the division of leveling professions by expansions, it turned out to be a DEBUFF. For example, my Jellica is a gnome and an engineer. She has to level 165 points instead of 150, and that involves rare mats like Expulsom. Apparently no new schemes compared to non-gnome engineers.

So, where is the profit? Ironically what was meant to be a head-on start turned out to be a punishment. We need to craft more, we need a lot of rarest mats, and it won’t check achievement at 150 – you will have to be 165. I haven’t actually tested profession tools yet, but as I’m sitting at 155 (over normal level cap and 10 brutal points less than required), I think that I can’t get its quest either.

Obviously it was overlooked by Blizzard, so please: for the sake of all gnome engineers (and pandaren cooks), submit a suggestion and slip a new topic at official forums. I did so today.

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