Crucible, Anyone?

I’ve checked the Crucible of Storms loot tables again, and they’re finally up and available in game. Turns out it shares the raid tier appearance with Battle for Dazar’Alor – could be both good and bad news.

The good news is: you can farm the remaining set pieces there. For example, chainmail pants, the only item I lack for this set, drops from Crucible’s first boss. Could be a relief not to run the whole Rastakhan wing and try it there instead. Or: you can get two chances (4 with coins) on this very item per week.

The bad news is: Halls of Valor raid contained its own set obtained through a number of runs per 1000 tokens, so an Old God themed set would have been most welcome through similar fashion. Did not happen.

So, except for the most unnecessary toy and a lore piece, the raid holds little interest to me. If I have all doubling set items from BfDA by its release, it’s a single run per toon, and I’m done.

7 thoughts on “Crucible, Anyone?

  1. I’m excited for Crucible pretty much solely for the lore and a tiny bit for the slight item level bump. It is definitely a sampler to tide us over for 8.2 and to introduce Naga and Old Gods as front-and-center antagonists so they don’t have to do it so suddenly in 8.2, which is fine with me since I am excited for that story shift!


  2. Oh, good, that means I can ignore it entirely.
    I’ve read the story spoilers from the PTR on Wowhead; I’m not interested in doing the lead-in questline or the raid itself on any of my characters for lore reasons. The only one of my characters who I think might possibly evil enough to seriously do that questline is my Void Elf Warlock, and I’m not boosting and leveling her just for that.
    I *am* curious to find out just which Stormwind and Orgrimmar and Dazar’alor and Boralus NPCs will appear with the creepy eye hat if a character chooses to keep the Gift of N’zoth, but I can wait until Wowhead puts out their inevitable analysis & speculation article on that subject :P


      • We are supposed to fight old god minions, but it is N’Zoth’s test to choose “worthy”, in the same way as we fought Hymdall, Hirja and Odin in Trial of Valor.

        Hope that was not too revealing.


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