8.1.5.: Alliance Questline & Undertow

The Alliance war campaign questline adds little to the Horde’s experience – in fact, it’s a bit in a disarray.

The first thing to do is a small trip to Freehold outskirts – we need to collect paperwork and kill some Ashvane loyalists. It’s a shame that questline goes no longer for now, because we are left with a mystery of who is Ashvane’s ‘Patron’ (Sylvanas?), and it just hangs in the air. Quite probably it was added merely to match the Horde’s playing time.

The second thing is in vein of the Horde’s part. Valeera arrives at our command ship with a message from Baine to Jaina. Mathias Shaw vouches that it’s unlikely to be a trap, and after a short discussion we are transported to Theramore to witness the very same cinematic. It is an interesting revelation to me that Valeera fought alongside Varian when he had his memory loss and fought as a Lo’Gosh gladiator in orc arenas. Varian trusted her deeply, and that mutual trust and affection was inherited by Anduin.

After Derek’s cinematic, the Alliance gets an extra talk piece – Derek and Jaina discuss what’s next. She will send him somewhere else to adapt – she knows some group of people that have experienced the same thing. I wonder who would that be? Jaina is not ready yet to present her brother to the Proudmoores and other Kul Tirans – so Derek goes into a sort of a mysterious rehab.

All in all the Alliance’s story part is no match to the Horde. Surely it’s a Baine’s spotlight, and the Alliance’s role was to come and listen. Only if we didn’t have that lame stub of an Ashvane arc: either we should have got it in full, or none at all.

The Alliance also gets a trip to Tanaris, but obviously they are interested in Saffy the Gnome.

I guess it is time to merge the factions against a big bad.


The undertow is about my Kul Tiran. I’ve ran a couple of dungeons with her, and I’d say I feel disconnected with the character. No, it’s not the frame – mainly because of the face options. I don’t like them a lot. As long as I haven’t got too far, I’m planning to delete her for now and see them as allies ran by other players. The same goes with Zandalari – they have an option of the most stunning glowing silver hair which is definitely a lure, but I’m not a fan of their scary faces and awkward troll running animations (same as Darkspears). Mind you, I just don’t find them suiting for myself, otherwise I greet diversity in player ranks.

A monk though – I’d like to rekindle the class, so I will need to consider other races. It definitely won’t be a panda, any sleek race (troll/draenei/elf), a tauren or an orc. Maybe another Dark Iron?

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