My Checklist for 8.1.5.

Lots of stuff will require players’ attention tomorrow, and here’s what I find worth of my attention in the coming week:

Unlock Zandalari and Kul Tirans

It’s my top thing to do. I’m all ready with the requirements. I need to see both questlines and introductions, so technically I will roll a Zandalari, even if to be deleted immediately for now :) As for a Kul Tiran, it’s gonna be my primary leveling toon. For now, my choice swings between a Thornspeaker (Balance/Restoration) or a Monk (Brewmaster/Mistweaver). But who knows, right? :) Don’t be surprised if I will proudly present an outlaw rogue or a survival hunter in the posts coming.

Upgrade Heart of Azeroth

10+ levels for a small scenario – and an extra lore piece. Every cap toon should do this.

Upgrade Heirlooms

The prices are promised to dramatically drop, so I will need to pick my richest toon and visit Ironforge to provide XP bonuses up to 120.

See War Campaign Sequel

The Alliance deals with the aftermath of the raid, while the Horde is escalating tensions within the faction. Bring the lore on!

Profession Tools

I will set into journeys to acquire my profession tools! It seems I have every profession, so I expect a variety of places visited and stories told.

Xal’atath Questline

The mischievous Shadow Priest blade from Legion will return in the form of a Void Elf to deliver a link to Crucible raid! More story and a toy to come. The quest item will likely drop from naga invasions – another deal of content to explore.

Hati is Back

Hunters will get to tame Hati and learn his story after Legion – I may even switch to BM spec for this sole purpose.

Pet Farming!

Yet another reason to see Pandaria dungeons – another Raiding with Leashes. I think I will just collect them along with transmogs, pets never to be used. Sha of Happiness tho.

The upcoming patch brings lots of new stuff to do, and for all of the toons. It’s not a minor thing in the very least now you think of it, and what is most important, it provides loads of stories and lore. Can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “My Checklist for 8.1.5.

    • Heirlooms initially only scale to level 90. You have to buy upgrade tokens to increase that cap to 100 and then 110. In 8.1.5, the price of those upgrade tokens is dropping significantly (to 1000g and 5000g respectively, I believe).

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