A Bit of Alt Fun

The weekend was busy with some raiding of course. I didn’t manage to bring all my cap alts through the LFR, but most of them did. There’s nothing to significant to report.

People are still struggling to understand the punishing reset/wiping schemes on Mekkatorque, Opulence and Lady Jaina, all the other bosses are done without trouble. It is funny how both High Tinker and Lord Admiral just push you into the right gameplay. When shrunk, you don’t deal damage (well, it’s cut by 99%), so basically you’re bound to mount a robot and deal with it. But it’s not obvious as you’re still able to perform your rotation – so it requires explaining.

Lady Jaina locks herself in an ice block whenever you Time Warp / Bloodlust, so basically the only window which renders it effective is the ice wall.

And of course there’s always a slowpoke at Opulence which will afk and then run straight to boss after everyone else is long gone into the side passages. Rince, repeat.

I only hope that the majority will learn the encounters well enough as the time passes – but it still requires one ignorant braindead to spoil the encounter to everyone, so I guess we’re bound to explain the tactics every time just in case.

Like I’ve noticed previously in every raid, on your first wing runs you get mostly some non-mog gear – trinkets, rings, then capes, wrists etc. So out of all runs in wing 3 there’s only one significant drop to report – a chainmail vest, which is a cool one. Farming awaits.

Horde Story: Rastakhan’s Funeral and a Brilliant Plan

It appears there was one more piece of story – if you complete the raid with a Horde toon who’s done the war campaign:


You pay respects to the fallen king, but it’s not that touching as it quickly turns into a war council. Talanji asks Sylavanas if the Horde will leave Zandalari now that their fleet is destroyed, and Sylvanas says ‘we don’t abandon our allies’, urging the princess to revenge. That’s basically all positive that happens. The Horde leaders too admit that the Alliance’s victory is within grasp, Baine proposes negotiations only to be humiliated by the undead leaders. Sylvanas still intends to end this war with victory on their terms.

How? Then we go to Banshee’s Wail flagship, and she unveils her brilliant plan: resurrecting Derek Proudmoore to use them as their assassin puppet for his family. Baine is disgusted with the idea, so are we: when Derek is resurrected, he’s in pain and suffering, he doesn’t even understand where he is. A displaced jaw doesn’t help.

So, um… is this all she has? No firepower, no fleet, no Horde support, no nothing – only a would-be assassin? Even if the plan played through without flaws (lol), the top result would be killing one Proudmoore out of three, because who would let him cope with all of them after the first kill? No, really, is this the best that a rotten brain could invent to win the war?

I always thought Sylvanas was a bitch, but I never held her for an idiot. Perhaps I should. What is crystal clear now is that she’s a total failure considering even a glimpse of strategy.

So, on to the post title: Alt Fun.

I’ve explored few rare specs on weekend – for which cause I’ve rolled a couple of toons.

The first one was a Survival Hunter – I vaguely remember that I liked it in pre-patch, so I wanted to explore its potential. I’ve rolled a dwarf hunter, and cobra-shot her to level 10 (really, just one spell until spec choice).

My conclusion is: it’s a great spec if you like pets. As in Legion, you have this fantasy of sharing sweat and blood with your pet, so if you like fluffies by your side, go for it! By vibe I couldn’t shake off the thought that it’s a mix of a retri paladin and an outlaw rogue. The spear-swinging animations are exactly the same as the paladin’s abilities, albeit not  Light-infused. And there’s this small crossbow shot, which is exactly a rogue’s gunshot.

All in all the spec feels very mobile and very powerful, and it’s lots better than it was in Legion. The problem is: when I have a Marksmanship option, it’s no match in terms of my fun. So I don’t think I will turn my gnome into a dwarf (I had that thought, but Baisa’s so cool), neither I will change the main hunter’s spec to Survival.

Yet it’s a fun spec, so the toon may stay for lull leveling – or when I want to run with a fluffy. So far it’s 18, 1 dungeon done, and standby. Or maybe it will be a Kul Tiran? We will learn on March 12 :)

The second alt was born from reading the enthusiastic posts at Coffee Cakes and Crits – you’ve guessed it right, I’ve started to miss my retired warlock :) The trigger was observing a couple of them in raids, hurling most beautiful shadow bolts, so I went to check the current state of Affliction and try the new Demonology.

Long story short, both specs did not live too long. As powerful as they may have appeared, the rotations do not suit me in terms of a fun and comfortable gameplay. I switched to Destruction mid-first-dungeon… and before I noticed, my fresh gnome dinged 28. So why not level her as long as I like it so much? :) Bonus point is already having a class mount: imagine how among the chauffered motorcycles in Loch Modan I cast an eerie demonic steed which definitely looks like it came from another world in every sense!

One thought on “A Bit of Alt Fun

  1. “Lady Jaina locks herself in an ice block whenever you Time Warp / Bloodlust, so basically the only window which renders it effective is the ice wall.”

    You can also use Bloodlust to catch up in the middle of the last phase. When Jaina iceblocks, she stops attacking. So you can Bloodlust, break people out of blocks, reset ice stacks, clear up the fight and continue fresh. Of course, if you do this, you don’t have Bloodlust for the ice wall, but if your DPS is high enough, it’s okay. Basically changes Bloodlust from a DPS cooldown to a healing/survival cooldown.

    Having Jaina iceblock on Bloodlust is a really neat mechanic, though. It’s in-character and feels clever to happen, while making the players use Bloodlust in different manner than other fights.

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