Was It The Fastest Raid?


Behold, my cloth set is complete! I know, I know, there is a cape missing, but it’s marked as a ‘world drop’ in the loot table, and I’m not hunting this on purpose from trash. And it is not a vital piece anyways.

Funny story is that I’ve also already completed the whole set of caster weapons from the first two wings: staves, swords, daggers etc. And this means that my cloth toons have now only a couple of weapons from the last wing to acquire.

This must be the fastest that I’ve ever completed a full set – even before the last wing was opened. Normally it takes my time up to the next raid, or even further. Well, effectively it saves 6 runs from my weekly gaming time – Kargash, Jellica and Micromantica – and this is awesome!

The closest one, breathing in the neck, are my leathers Pins and Melaris. This is strange, as they are only two, while my chainmail girls are three – Schlitzchen, Jagda and Baisa – and they are nowhere close. Fearella is my only cap plate toon, so, she has a lot to be done.

Hail gods of drop.

Hint: Opulence’s piles of gold drop not only expensive vendor trash, but also BoE items! I’ve won the cloth slippers exactly from there, so even before looting the boss you should rush to them and loot as many as possible – detect the place where they are many to minimize travel time in between.

8 tries for the love rocket left tonight, so it’s unlikely I win one this year. Well, at least I’ve leveled my warrior for 4-5 levels through holiday dungeon only :)

I’ve won the last mount from Darkshore – a chimaera from Alash’Anir.

I’m anticipating this Wednesday to see the last portion of the raid – and turn my Alliance toons into Hordies :) Well, it won’t be that diverse, as I will have four goblins instead of gnomes and one mag’har instead of a dark iron.

I wonder when 8.1.5. rolls out – I’m expecting it in a week or two after the last wing on LFR. My best guess it’s gonna be March 5 or March 13. It is high time I roll a Kul Tiran – because the raid is effectively on farm, and a successful one. With that pace it won’t take me long to collect all the mogs and lazily farm a hard nut or two. Warfronts won’t take me too long as well, as mostly the sets are complete.

Craving for the new content, and new alts/allied races are certainly one for me :)

3 thoughts on “Was It The Fastest Raid?

  1. Do you mean you’ve got the Frightened Kodo too? Is there an effective way go get it without endlessly flying between spawn points for hours?


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