But of course my previous post goes into dustbin. The reality changes your plans as always.

While I am still determined to farm the cloth toons’ gear and weapons first, I cannot deny the core goal: having fun. In terms of my raiding this means that I would pick a toon I want to run a wing with, not the one I have to according to my plan.

So, even if Kargash, Jellica and Micromantica have yet a wing or two planned this week, I raided with Jagda the Shaman yesterday. And what a success that has been! She won a caster stave from Rastakhan, rendering him unnecessary for further cloth toon runs, and also an axe from Conclave.

Jellica in the morning has also been in the second wing – and she won my first Opulence crown! It is out of any set transmog, so I need to check if it fits all my toons, or just cloth ones – in the first case, it will be a double win.

Opulence still poses wiping troubles with people – the narrow points would be an afk player who will suddenly return and run to a boss directly, resetting it, the second is flame jets on one side, perfectly punishing and deadly and resulting in arriving at Opulence itself with half healers and half dps like happened today.

From a healer perspective, LFR’s Conclave is the worst in the whole raid so far. Now I get why they do not hurry with dispelling Akunda debuff. Tanks are the answer: a sort of a stacking nasty bleed requires the speediest casting ever and full focus – there is literally not a second to switch to anything else. So do not blame your healers for no dispels, blame tanks who fail to swap in time :)

I’m in the need of some routines during queues. Warfronts with dailies are not always available, and if they are, completing their dailies still leaves you with hanging out by the mission table on your ship. I’m not really in the mood to farm world quest emissaries (even though the gear is sometimes an upgrade from 340s and 355s, even for my main). In short, there is a requirement for a “Meanwhile…” activity.

I’ve even run a heroic island expedition today. Nope, still not fun. We lost by 500 azerite, and I got 8 dubloons and a small azerite chunk. Never, ever going there again. I hate things with timers, and this is exactly it.

Arkeona the Nightborne Warrior is already 56 – up from 53 through Crown Chemical dungeon only. I think she will make another level or two before the holliday ends!

Jagda looked practical but bleak in her reddish-brownish transmogs, so I made something stunning out of her:


The idea was to fetch out her skin color, and it’s only possible with white hair :) Now I’m happy with my gothic (or rather black metal) girl.

Hint: Blackrock Foundry is a great place to hunt for weapon transmogs for your Dark Irons!

A calm and nice weekend awaits – raiding along with a huge load of cool movies.

5 thoughts on “Drops!

    • My favorite mobile game, Cradle of Empires, is a match-three puzzle with an RPG element of building an ancient Egyptian city. It has 2 timer modes out of six, and I hate them! Luckily you can solve other levels until they swap to more normal modes (unless a quest requires it).

      I think older console games were not time-demanding, even if you had a timer. Mortal Kombat fights or Super Mario levels were solved way faster than timer got to half. But that Earthworm Jim level underwater was an impassable hell! :)


  1. If the bleed are so nasty, dispelling Akunda-ed healers is a priority.

    Aside from mounts and dubloon-bought pets/toys/mounts, anything coming from islands can be obtained on AH. Missing weekly azerite goal can set you back though.


      • There are many sets with pieces dropping after the island is completed or from the treasure map missions for the followers (treasure map is granted for the reachin weekly azerite goal in addition to 2500 azerite). All items are BoE, armor pieces are greens of 310 iLvl, and weapons are blues of 325 iLvls. For my taste, the armor sets are mediocre but many weapons have remarkable models.

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