Adjusting My Routines

The second wing up, third incoming, and having more things IRL to do, I’ve found myself lacking gaming time to achieve the weekly goals.

I definitely cannot cover the whole number of raid wings on every alt – in fact, not even half of them. My alt management from now on is as follows:

1. Warfronts are a thing, I am hunting transmog on every alt – especially the scenario reward items which are visually more awesome than drop ones. Them being 380 for Arathi and 400 for Darkshore doesn’t hurt. Also I collect medals.

2. Holiday bosses on every alt daily – and even if Arkeona the 54 Nightborne cannot get a rocket, it’s a half-level XP boost upon completion. Don’t miss the chance to help your low levels!

3. As for raids, I’ve decided I will be digging one armor type at a time – others join only if I have time left. For example, now I’m focusing on cloth – that means Micromantica, Jellica and Kargash will grind the raid until all drops for them will be ‘already known’. Actually I have only a boot slot left and several weapons. The cape has not dropped yet, but I am not hunting ‘world drops’ (that means: BoE from trash), and I consider a set complete without it.

The second wing runs on weekend were not cool. People have great troubles with Opulence – mostly because of boss resets. I think it should take a couple of weeks for everyone to get the idea – but for now it could be up to three wipes. My melee toons are dying on both bosses and trash, and mostly these are insta kills, where you have little to no time to react. Not as nasty as Uldir’s second wing, but it appeared to be not a ponyland walk as I previously wrote in my review.

I came to a conslusion that I don’t like the character race change – well, mostly because of transmog issues. I would have been happier if I could keep it from original toons. Fearella the goblin turns into a gnome, fully clad in knight armor, and it’s basically a walking helmet – a look I would never use on my gnomes. Well, I guess we will have to deal with it. But all in all it’s nice idea considering lore, so I wouldn’t think of it as Blizzard’s failure. The things to improve would be an option to pick a race through talking with a special NPC, and also keep the original transmog if you like.

With current state of events, the raid will keep me busy at least until the end of April (if gods of drop would be merciful), and then I will have a Nightborne and a Kul Tiran for lull time before Nazjatar. As always, alts keep me busy.

6 thoughts on “Adjusting My Routines

  1. I cannot wait to see wing 3 on LFR. Some of the mechanics on Jaina are going to be really funny to watch, and I am curious to see what changes Blizzard makes to the fight to make it more manageable.

    Interesting point on Opulence, we had resets in Normal a few times while we figured out how the hallway actually worked, mainly because of how we managed the end of the golem hallways. I should probably do LFR on an alt and see how that works there.

    The Horde look for Alliance characters in the 3rd wing are pretty awful too, it looks like mostly warfront armor in full cover and it’s not great!

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    • So… how the hallway golems work? :) I still haven’t figured out why we were getting resets – to warn people on further raids. I believe that golems share health in LFR, but I’m not sure. Two times we managed to finish them in the gem room, not the last.

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      • I think the issue is if anyone in the raid is still in the hallways when Opulence finishes the cast spell he does to eat golems (if they are alive), then he despawns. I’m not 100% sure that is the mechanic, but I think it is!

        Interesting that they share health on LFR, but that makes sense. Our early pulls on Normal struggled to keep the golems in-line with each other to avoid any problems with the pull.

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  2. I cannot comment on Opulence on Normal since I got one shot in the first room of the hallway and ended up tabbing our while the rest of the guild went all the way through and killed the boss. I did it once in LFR on Saturday night. We had no issues in the hallways, half the raid was dead by the end of the boss fight.

    The fight after, whoever came up with the Mind Wipe mechanic, you can only run around and hope you don’t die for 30 second periods, I had one mind wipe which I thought, ok, must have been near someone, but then a minute later got it 3 times in a row. I’m glad I got the fight done, but I won’t be back. The gear I have gotten from world quests, and the Warfronts has made any raiding below heroic not with the aggravation. I will kill Jania this week? And that’s it for me.

    Fortunately for me as a Panda I did not have a race change, but being put into generic Alliance armor? Uggh. Good thing I’m a Shadowpriest and didn’t have to look at it. I wasn’t thrilled that the design had me kill the king, any more than when I will defeat Jania.

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    • Mind Wipe is healers’ responsibility. To help them, it’s not only a spell icon over a player’s health bar, but an affected player’s name also changes to Akunda. Typing a dispel request in chat with explanation always helped, and the debuffs are removed very fast for the rest of the encounter. People learn :)

      The raid is emotionally heavy, being good guys versus good guys. But so is the whole expansion, we cannot live in peace with a warmonger in charge of one sides. The Alliance wants it over asap, and Sylvanas ruins whatever loyalty Horde may have had with her. I hope some lessons will be learned in the aftermath :)

      Yes, it’s hard for now, but you can’t bring the Ring to Mordor via green hills and valleys alone.

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      • I guess that’s an LFR issue then. The tanks properly marked skull and X on primary and secondary targets, when I did the fight on Normal, I never saw Mind Wipe, so either we have awesome healers, or I was just really lucky, and bad luck caught me in LFR.

        I think what has occurred with me is that I am now emotionally detached from the story because I disagree with the direction it is dragging me through. I no longer care about who wins or loses, because killing each other means we all lose in the end.

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