A Hot News Streak

Lots of news came overnight.

The bitter pill is of course the mass employee reduction within Blizzard. I am not an HR or economy expert, so I can’t color the news balck or white. The reassuring information is that most of them were not the guys involved in actual game production – just supporting staff. It may be the reaction to the dwindling sub numbers during the current expansion, so there is no need for the lot of community managers, also the decline of HotS may have played the role. For now they do not need the jobs (not the people, the jobs, mark you).

It doesn’t seem as if the company is dying. By J. Allen Brack, there are more projects at work than ever, and they are enhancing developer staff too. WoW content is planned for years ahead, so there is no end of the tunnel either. Also a financial report says that the company earned a load of money last year. I’m positive in thinking that it will take a lot more than one bumpy WoW expansion to sink the ship.

We shall see.

Within the game itself, there are news things concerning patch 8.1.5., and these are good ones.

For completing Loremaster and War Campaign on both sides (I already did) we will get a couple of faction mounts:



It’s a nice move – like from Brewfest awards Alliance gets to ride a kodo, and Horde gets an access to a ram. Wolves could be great for dwarves or worgen, and the steeds are a cool choice for blood elves or undead.

We can already search YouTube for the dances of Zandalari and Kul Tiran allied races. I just need to post it here:

If there were any doubts whether I want a Kul Tiran alt, they died with this video. I do, and I’m rolling a toon as soon as it becomes possible.

The options are these:

  • Druid
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warrior

I am already playing all the specs I want from mages, shaman, warriors, priests and hunters. Not a fan of droods in any of the specs due to their shapeshifting (even with all the upcoming wicker forms). I am thinking an outlaw/assassination rogue (too obvious!), or a monk – she would fit all the roles. I need to check the animations and the vibes.

Lo and behold, we’ve got the new raid wing tonight, and I’m going into Empire’s Fall. I anticipate the lore and the encounters of course, and it will be the first raid wing where we swap factions: my Hordies will come as Alliance players. Expect my traditional ‘A Peep into…’ post tomorrow!

Love is in the Air, and it’s already been 14 rocket tries by this afternoon. As long as this post doesn’t start with a big shiny pink screenshot, you may guess it’s been no luck yet. This is my yearly routine, and this is what I do these days :) Not chasing toys anymore though – I barely use them, and they are a dead weight in my collection tab. At some point they’ve just become too many.

I guess that’ll be it for tonight.

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