New Routines

The diversity of my gameplay comes to an end, as new alts have almost completed their catch-up.

Jagda the Dark Iron Shaman has become eligible for Dazar’Alor and went on her first run, immediately winning a raid shield model. I’ve completed all the questlines with her, including dungeons and Jaina’s final one.

Good news: if you haven’t noticed, Siege of Boralus and King’s Rest are now available for heroic mode and dungeon finder! We had no wipes in SoB, even if some guys were new to the dungeon. What mistakes would kill us on mythic, were not that punishing in heroic, so it was a clean run. Note: I need a tour trip to previously ignored King’s Rest now.

Melaris the Demon Hunter was already able to go to Dazar’Alor, but she had a piece of Vol’dun and final Zandalar Forever to complete which I also did.

Kargash the Mag’har Mage has grown to 348 over weekend, and questing is also done. Now the last thing I need is replacing her feet slot from 315 to a reward from a world quest (currently I’m offered 340), and we’re good to go raiding.

It is interesting that the only wiping boss in LFR Uldir now is Zul’s trash. All the other kills, including G’huun, are completed in a breeze, but this one still wipes the raid :) The same situation is happening during Horde’s run in Dazar’alor. The worst boss are 7th Legion’s Cavaliers. Their charge ability tramples half a raid into the ground, taking off half of players’ health, and they also cast For the King! ability – if not interrupted, it increases their damage by some insane amount. So every next charge when buffed will just wipe you out. Cavalry, indeed.

Now that the leveling/item leveling steps are complete, I’ve ended up with my routines shared in two major activities. Of course, it’s a raid run for transmogs, and hunting warfront rares while in queues or completing warfront scenarios.

The warfront rhythm dictates my faction choice for the day. It’s better to queue if your faction is on patrol so you could go for warfront rares and dailies while in queues. So, if one of the warfronts is on siege and the other is on resources collection stage, I would choose a patrolling faction to queue for the raid.

Throw in an occasional incursion and the next raid wing opening this week, and you’ll see that I’m head deep into the current content. Blessed be the routines which are plenty and blessed be an army of alts :) No time to get bored!

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