A Busy Weekend

Just as planned, my weekend was devoted to clearing up the remaining raid/warfront cooldowns and dragging up my fresher alts.

Several things to report:

A warfront scenario quest provides you with an improved version of gear – not only in ilvl, but visually. For example, a Horde chainmail shoulder for Darkshore will have one skull as shown in the set appearance tab, while an improved one will have three skulls.

This improved set does not show anywhere as a set, so the only way to check if you got that thing is going to the general appearance tab and check if you have both. I guess it requires a new tracking chart.

Two more runs of the Horde’s first raid wing on Melaris the Demon Hunter and Fearella the Warrior. Definitely trash is deadly for the Horde – we wiped three times, but not once on bosses. What you need to do is work as a team during Jaina’s interference, and keep a keen eye on Cavaliers, their charge is a raid killer.

The first boss is solved though. The new tactics is driving the adds away and completely ignoring them. The goal is to melt the boss asap, so the fight becomes incredibly easy.

The third boss is also solved :) Yes, the circle maze can and must be avoided with class/racial abilities. Warlock teleports, mage blinks, warrior leaps, demon hunter gliding, outlaw rogue hooks – all take you to the barrier in no time. It may be harder with mage blinks, because you cannot specify the landing spot – I’m eager to try it nevertheless.

My priority is gearing up, so it’s the first thing I do on Kargash and Jagda upon login. A quick check of emissary and WQ rewards, completing them, and then I go into shoveling the bulks of the remaining lore questing and war campaigns. It’s definitely worth doing, because azerite rewards are great, and azerite levels also raise your ilvl – not to mention the available +5 traits on higher gear slots.

I could definitely say that one Uldir run is enough to hunt for extra gear pieces – by the next cooldown you simply outgrow the raid via open door questing. I guess it’s perfect, as your toon gets an achievement and doesn’t need to run extra older raid. Btw, are the drops from normal dungeons now 340? It’s some news indeed. Well, I’m still doing them for final zone quests only.

I bumped into the 7th Legion reputation requirements during war campaign, and that sucks. I hope they remove it, because at this stage it’s definitely overdue.

I’ve made a new Jagda’s tmog:


The key goal is showing off her as much of her skin as possible, because that’s what makes the dark irons unique. At the same time I didn’t want it to be a slutmog, so I guess I’ve found the golden middle. Also there is a mythic staff from Blackrock Foundry which perfectly fits her lava/iron fantasy.

Speaking of class fantasy, I’ve been re-thinking some of my classes. You see, the class name just doesn’t fit with some of my toons and what they represent. For example, a mage is not only a guy who can into arcane, fire or frost – it’s a whole layer of meanings. He’s a scholar, a person who spends his time in studies and libraries between battles, a seeker and keeper of knowledge. Micromantica definitely fits, and she calls herself a frost mage, but Kargash?


Damn it, she wields the same bone dagger that non-mage mag’har carry for a hunt and a fire crab, both enchanted into glowing flaming tools. I simply cannot imagine her sitting in a library. She learnt to operate fire from her tribe’s shaman, in the Draenor wilds, and she cannot even fucking read. Flamebinder or something like this would suit her best. But not a mage, definitely not one.

Schlitzchen the goblin is an enhancement shaman all right, because she learnt the art from Thrall himself. Jagda though, as a Dark Iron, I’m dubbing her as Lavabender. All the same, the Bronzebeards/Wildhammers aren’t shaman imo, they would fit the fantasy of thunderlords or something like that.

What of the others?

Jellica the Gnome Holy Priest – yes, a Battle Medic. Not a religious person, very practical. She’s into Light as long as it works. If it suddenly doesn’t, she would shrug it off like a broken cog and look for something else.

Pins the Gnome Subtlety Rogue – a Spy. She pretends to be a normal citizen at all cases while doing her job of eavesdropping, talking, buying information and an occasional poison or stab. She can lead a perfectly normal life between her assignments.

Baisa the Gnome Marksmanship Hunter – a Strider. As in ‘Aragorn the Strider’, she likes wandering on her own in the wilds without pets, a gun her only companion.

Melaris the Demon Hunter – well, she is one. She does not dedicate her life to Illidan and fighting the Burning Legion tho, an egoist who is in search of power and wealth.

Fearella the Goblin Fury Warrior – no, not a fierce berserk or a proud defender. I’d label her as a Brawler, mastering the art of beating the shit out of her opponents with clubs. You know, like guards in goblin cities – those clubs and maces are quite handy in the narrow streets.

Arkeona the Nightborne Protection Warrior – well, she fits the class name. Warrior she is, I’ve always wanted to explore the stout and noble alignment of elves, and she appeared to be perfect for that. The thing you admire in LotR movies when seeing elven army ranks.

I guess that could have been a separate post, but oh well :)

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