Attuned for Raiding

I’m rapidly moving my remaining alts towards the tops. Yesterday there was a shower of gear, and easily obtained as such.

Our favorite world quests for rare kills in Nazmir and Vol’dun, all within 1 minute of travel + a Tortollan one have granted Melaris and Jagda 5 shiny pieces each to roll over the required ilvl threshold.

My weekend plans are now as follows:

  • Fearella – Battle for Dazar’Alor
  • Melaris – Battle for Dazar’Alor
  • Jagda – Uldir and warfronts
  • Kargash – get to 120 from 119

When done, I may cover the remaining questlines on fresh alts, story questing and war campaign, which are plenty. The idea is to clear the quest logs to nil.

Really, the catch up system in BfA is the best one. Your fresh 120 alt is rushing into the current raiding content in no time. And it requires barely half an hour of gameplay for three days in a row.

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