Up We Go

The new raid just started, and even if I have to wait for another week, it’s already breathing in my neck.

This week’s iteration brought Darkshore siege to the Alliance side, and every run on 4 toons was a new transmog – pretty awesome.

The reset brought us Azurethos, and I was lucky to get the last leather piece from him – from now on this world boss owes us nothing :) Too bad it wasn’t my fresh demon hunter Melaris, but oh well.

Melaris is rapidly growing in power via world quests. In two evening sessions I’ve brought her up from 290 to 308, and hopefully she’ll be able to enter at least Uldir and warfronts by the next week. I need to check trinkets at AH – this is her weak point, both ca 250.

I’ve paid some attention to Jagda and Kargash, and I’m planning to level them up asap to join the raiding too. So far it’s 113 and 111, not much, but not too bad.

All in all the routines since January 30 are set:

1. Major toons start farming Dazar’Alor, with warfront activities and incursions during queues. Each one requires only an hour or two of gameplay per week granted there will be just one wing.

2. Catching-up alts do the catching-up: leveling, completing all available storylines, doing random emissaries for gear and implementing all the same warfronts and raiding as soon as it becomes possible. Luckily there’s no Uldir transmog that I need anymore, so this will be only a step towards Dazar’Alor – at 350 I quit it for good.

My hands are full, and I’m actually thrilled with every login.

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