Ready & Done

There, my major Gnome/Goblin roster is now ready for the next raid.

This week’s reset has brought Pins the very last remaining Uldir piece – and even without a coin. Now every weapon and every armor set from the raid are complete!

There will be Uldir runs for my leveling alts to help with gear ups, but it’s comforting to know that I do not farm anything on purpose from now on there.

Reputations are done too – now every toon is Exalted with BfA and has absolutely no need to farm any world quests.

I think that an emissary / a warfront / an incursion will be just an activity to while away time for extra bonuses while in queues, but until Jan 30 I’m done with the initiate alts.

Kargash the Maghar Fire Mage has completed Azsuna in full with all its side quests and is now 104.

Melaris the Demon Hunter is still 115, although crawled half a level up.

Arkeona the Nightborne Warrior is 32 – I’m planning to level her to Pandaria without leaving Orgrimmar :)

Finally, Jagda the Dark Iron Shaman is now stationed in Boralus!


As with all allied races, you visit the race leader at 110 and get your heritage armor. I like the vest and shoulders, but the helmet is from Duck Tales episode where they used a plot of Iron Mask from three musketeers:


Not that any of my toons is wearing helmets anyways :)

There is an important thing on my to-do list. The Dark Irons have their personal teleport racial – a mole machine which can be launched once in 30 minutes. By default it can bring you to Stormwind, Ironforge or Shadowforge. Rumor is that there are lots of other places you can go to, but you must discover them first in the open world and tag them. Once I’m 120 with her, I’m planning to find a guide and drive her around the world to be more mobile than a mage. Exciting :)

So, from now on it’s two weeks of alt leveling for me. Four alts to level cap and further. I don’t really care if they are not ready for the raid by Jan 30 – as long as I am there :)

7 thoughts on “Ready & Done

  1. When I got logged in last night and got around to the Horde area, the Alliance was attacking. Coincidentally Zulduzar was also the Emissary with a 370 reward. That’s about as efficient an activity as you can get, do 4 quests and boom, two pieces of 370 gear. Unfortunately the rewards were 370 for the two slots I already have 375. So I disenchanted them and got 12 of the new currency each bring my total to 60. Took a ride over to the vendor……. this may not be something worth pursuing for me. Certainly it offers an opportunity for raiders to fill a missing spot when they keep getting things they cannot use. But I would need to do about 60 groups of 4 quests, to disenchant or scrap to get enough to buy one piece.

    Congrats on accomplishing all you did in multiple characters.


    • Thanks! Well, my alt list is down 50% compared to Legion, and there is less to do, so it wasn’t too hard.

      As for rewards, I was thinking of other things mostly. Certainly my alts ready for BfDA raid don’t need any upgrades, but war resources (just 250 for a raid coin), gold, azerite chunks, gear for scrapping, and most importantly, medals for mounts and rings are cool.

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      • I’m appreciative of what they’ve added allowing me to keep pace with the guilds Heroic raid team. We were talking last night. Many on the raid team are stretched thin just with what minimal they need to do for flying and maxing reps, fishing and herbing. They said they just don’t have the time to do Warfronts even with the guaranteed 385 or 370 piece of gear. I don’t even think there are more than a couple doing Mythic + dungeons, let alone Islands.

        If you like to dabble in everything then this expansion fulfills that need. When you try to focus, it gets overwhelming I think.


  2. I know what you mean aboyt that helm. I got my dark iron to 110 last week and first thing I did was tmog the armor set. I had to change the helm to the fire festival crown or hidden. The metal lips on the face if that helm are just too wacky for me. I also think I will change the chest piece to something a bit for lighter grey or dark red or a mix.

    But grats on reaching the uldir goals!

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