Tinfoil Hat: The Battle for Azeroth Finale

Kaylriene has written his own speculation about the future of lore. I’ve started to answer in comments, then I thought it deserves a post of my own.

Here is what happens next:


1. Battle of Dazar’Alor leaves Kul Tiras and Zandalar with their fleets reduced to 5-10% of initiate might.

2. Azshara raises Nazjatar from the depths – there is no better timing to do that, and we have a chance to finish her. Upon dying, she says something like: Mwahaha, you’re late!

3. N’Zoth is actively corrupting Azeroth the Slumbering Titan, and we go to the heart of the world, Underwater / Black Empire, to stop him.

4. Our last playground is gonna be the said Underwater / Black Empire.

5. The final raid is tentacles, tentacles everywhere. The last boss of the expansion is ‘Corruption of Azeroth’ – we fight the tentacles or some sort of N’Zoth manifestation to stop the process.

6. It is important that we do not kill N’Zoth by ourselves. We will use the Heart of Azeroth as an ultimate remedy, unleashing all the collected power to clean the tentacles around her. This may either be a part of final cinematic or an encounter mechanic.

7. In the final cinematic, Azeroth is clean and awakened, and she kills N’Zoth with her bare hands – to show how powerful of a champion she is. This is gonna be cosmic and epic.

8. She says: ‘Thank you, my champions. Laters’.

9. She then leaves to see other titans, to gather strength, to learn and maybe even try to convince Sargeras back from Chaos. She says that ‘We will meet again to fight the Void’.

10. We are left on our own for now.

11. Details may vary, but my core idea is that we will finally see the awakening of a titan, and the planet will be released from the Old Gods grip forever.

12. The next expansion 10.0. is Death theme. We will get a revamped Northrend, with Bolvar/Taelia, Calia Menethil, Bwonsamdi, Sylvanas (which ran away, not dead), Helya (vrykul again) themes. The Checkhov’s Gun of loose massive undead forces must be solved once and for all before we leave to another planets to fight the Void Lords.


5 thoughts on “Tinfoil Hat: The Battle for Azeroth Finale

  1. That would be epic indeed! I think you’re spot on about draining our Hearts of Azeroth to purify once and for all the Old God corruption.
    I also very much like your prediction for the next expansion — we *don’t* want to go running off somewhere else when we’ve still got all this unfinished undead business to deal with.

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  2. A part me thinks, that Azshara deserves more than to be a middle boss during the expansion. But again, what else is left to fight. I like your tinfoil hat thoughts here! I somehow have a feeling the Old God aspect will be, is the term, prolonged. Time will tell :)


  3. I like thw thought that azeroth will awaken. I want to see what happens to the planets when the titans hatch. Is there any kind of destruction/consequence? Do magical forces and ley lines change at all? All kinds of what ifs.

    Though I do hope that Azshara doesn’t die in the 8.2 raid. I kind of hope she gets more time at the forefront, akin to Arthas.


    • I believe its essence emerges from the core – think of Ysera’s soul being dragged up by the moonlight in Val’sharah cinematic. Then it takes form outside of the surface.

      Titans wouldn’t bother with arranging lifeforms on the planet if it were otherwise – why care about the eggshell if it is meant to be broken?

      As for Azshara, I think we will feel her presence throughout our questing in Nazjatar, preparing for the raid.
      Arthas was different. He never meant to kill us during leveling stories, he taunted and forged us through calamitites to power up his ‘future champions’. While meeting Azshara in person is meant to become an encounter – she has no use of keeping us alive, neither do we.


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